[reloade] This article divides up

[reloade] This article divides up online communications into not one web, but six. I would rather look at a particular delivery technology: a webserver, for example, and divide up the different methods of interaction; weblogs, news sites, search engines all have their own particular uses. To talk about video games as a different type of web is somewhat misleading at this early stage in their development.

Just finished reading Paul Barry’s

Just finished reading Paul Barry’s Rich Kids: it’s a study of what went wrong with Australian telco One.Tel, and how nobody on their board seemed to know what was happening until it was too late. There seem to be a lot of similarities between Jodee Rich and Richard Branson in terms of business approach. The book was recommended to me by my Knowledge Management lecturer a semester or two ago as a study of “where knowledge management could have made a difference”, but it seems like the company had so few processes in place that Knowledge Management couldn’t have been implemented there.