Movie: Constantine

Movie: Constantine Anyone who accuses Keanu Reeves of wooden acting misses the point of watching a Keanu movie entirely. Constantine in an enjoyable movie: a lot of “jump” moments, a lot of catholic-inspired misunderstandings of things. Good visually; some great comic-book style shots (the movie is based on a comic book, but according to fans […]

new ipod lineup

Apple has shaken up their ipod lineup, and it looks like they’re phasing out the dock. What’s left after the dust has settled (prices in Australian dollars)? ipod shuffle 512Mb = $149; 1GB = $229ipod 20GB = $439 (no more 40GB!)ipod mini 4GB = $299; 6G = $359 (different colours: blue/pink/green/silver)ipod photo (no more 40GB!) […]