DVD: Man on Fire

DVD: Man on Fire While not as good as Training Day, and not entirely an action movie, I still like this one for its odd take on a redemption tale. Quite grisly in places, and while not showing everything in excruciating detail, you wouldn’t say that it leaves all the gore to the imagination.

race across the city

dinner with an old friend Originally uploaded by cafedave. Once your friends get married, it becomes harder to catch up with them. Once they have kids, it becomes harder still. Almost ten years into his marriage, one of my oldest friends found himself with a meeting in the city, giving me a rare opportunity to […]

what to talk about

With every long weekend comes a host of events; two separate barbecues with different groups of friends, a church service, a prolonged game of multiplayer halo. The question arises: what do you talk about at these different events? The most dull conversations, and the most interesting, can start with the same set of questions. Worse, […]