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Of no interest to anyone who isn’t using; I threw this together so that I can move email messages out of my “inbox” into my “Done” folder. Saved it in my ~/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/ folder with a ctrl_d suffix so that I can just hit ctrl-d to move the email.

Safely Home.

big bowl

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Home again, writing this post in the comfort of my new "dave"-sized tracksuit pants. Saw Kathy, Sean and Jenny (no Ian, though), Kel’s mum for her birthday, Trial Bay Gaol. Tried the Pub with No Beer for dinner, and it turned out to have beer, but no dinner. On our third attempt, we managed to have Chinese at Macksville, then made it home via Lake Cathie’s Big Bowl. Not a cooking or mixing bowl, of course, but a giant lawn bowl: according to the sign on its front, it’s 1.907m in diameter.

With kel and I both suffering the effects of the flu, it wasn’t the most pleasant drive home, but we managed yet another one of these conversations (that happen every now and again) that help me work out how we can have a better marriage. Sometimes I wish there was less scope for improvement (at least on my side of the marriage), but now I have an even clearer picture of how to be a good husband.

safely in nambucca

The car has now broken through the 50,000kms barrier (we’ve added the most recent 30,000kms in the last year or so – not too shabby!), and is parked happily in front of kel’s mum’s new garden. It’s good to be back in Nambucca Heads: it’s starting to feel more home-like with every visit.

All pretty quiet here: fixed another computer last night – the mysterious “Error 629” turned out to be a problem with the dial-up username: it wasn’t meant to have a space in the middle of it. Not the most helpful error message I’ve ever seen, but at least it was a quick one to fix.

Beef week is looking pretty unlikely at this stage.