Movie: Kung Fu Hustle

Movie: Kung Fu Hustle

Macready and I took advantage of the last Greater Union $5 Tuesday of the year, only to find out that this movie was in fact an $8 movie. Worth every penny, I say. In the tradition of Jackie Chan movies, this all-chinese-dialog film combines some great kung fu action sequences with just a hint of plot. If that sounds appealing, rush out and see it while it’s still on at the cinema.

a sign of things to come

Remember waiting on train platforms, where the “next train” indicator was an analogue clock and station list, all updated by hand? And then, a few years back, when the computerised “next train” indicators came in, what an improvement it was?

You could see which stations the train would stop at, and how long it was until the next train.

Of course, you could easily write for entertainment purposes only on the time, and to some extent the station list – they’re not really a reflection of reality outside of peak hour.

But still, it was a step forward, and more convenient than having to run back to the one spot on the platform to find out the same information.

Now, with the new timetable about to start, there’s a disturbing trend. Instead of showing the next train information all the time, there are little interruptions every couple of minutes, advertising the coming of the new timetable.

Does anyone else think that this is the beginning of yet another form of advertising on train platforms – on-indicator advertising? What happened to the good old days of being told something without a product placement in the middle of it?

Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t talk, when I have google ads on the page.

why i go to the gym

This is more for my own reference when I don’t feel like going, or don’t make time for it, but you may find it helpful if – like me – you find it hard to motivate yourself to take that perilous journey towards the automatic doors at the gym.

  • Feel better for a couple of hours, starting immediately afterwards
  • Feel worse and better all at once while at the gym
  • Be healthier, more alert with less caffeine
  • Lose some weight and hence lower my blood pressure
  • Be stronger and more flexible, like I was when I was still young – so long ago!
  • Reduce my general sense of stress and busy-ness
  • Have some time out to listen to music (or sermons)

This is quite different from my original goal with the gym – being able to eat junk-food while not gaining weight. Ah, how times have changed.