GG espresso – north sydney

Spartan in its furnishings, with simple chairs and tables and a concrete floor, this is a café where you can also buy rugby merchandise… Indeed, you can exchange ten buy-nine-get-one-free cards for a free t-shirt: that’s $270 worth of coffees first, though. Did I mention that the coffee is pleasant? Limited lunch menu, but a place I’ve happily brought visitors to north sydney, if in part for its proximity to the train station.

Iffy café, north sydney

Shp 8/ 83 Mount St North Sydney. On mount st, below fitness first. Calima coffee;really fast service, and a range of indoor and outdoor seating. Coffee was pleasant, with no bitterness.

Update: They’ve changed to piazza d’oro, and this is the place where I buy decaf most days, on my way to work. Probably the best decaf in north sydney, and their caffeinated coffee also rates highly.

Red mango patisserie, north sydney

Also in Greenwood Plaza (and there are a lot of espresso machines in a small building) is this patisserie, that also sells quite good coffee. Not sure that the red mango website is all that helpful to them: a lot of 404’s (the html version of the site doesn’t work) and the flash site was blocked by my popup-blocker.

Does a cafe need a website, or just good coffee?

Peat’s canteen, peat’s island

As you can tell by the photo, this isn’t a place that you’d normally think of as a cafe: it’s a Pacific Highway road-side service station, and on the day we visited, they were out of petrol (every so often, a big 4WD would pull in, see the sign, and spin up a lot of gravel on its way out).

Though they didn’t know the difference between a long black and a short black, they managed to put together something drinkable, and something that gave me enough energy to get through the last leg of the driving back to Sydney.

Really, that’s all you need from a roadside cafe, isn’t it?