Caffe marco, burwood

Piazza d’oro coffee. Italian decore throughout, with the staff wearing soccer uniforms. A widescreen tv softly brings a soccer game to the café, but if you sit facing away from the screen, you can still ignore it, if you choose.

Coffee is smooth: a strong shot for the regulard sized coffees, and a little weaker for the large. Not an amazing cup, but okay: the milk is better than the coffee. Lots of cakes to choose from, and a big range of menu options for breakfast and lunch, and weekend dinner.

Mickey potts coffee and tea, burwood

Crave coffee. Another café in burwood westfield, one of the few that’s open before 8am. Lots of comfortable-looking seating, and friendly staff.

A few other items on the menu; cakes and rolls, mostly. Not a bad cup, but I suspect there’s better to be had in burwood: they bill themselves as tea specialists, but I didn’t have a chance to test out their tea.

Café è vero, mount st, nth sydney

Grinders coffee. In the foyer of the MLC building.High energy music is piped in loudly enough to drown out the sound of voices in the ample seating, and of people talking as they walk into the building for work.

Staff are friendly and efficient. There’s not much natural light, instead, the place is a cross between corporate building interior design and hotel lobby: there are flowers, loads of magazines and newspapers, and smaller tables for power meetings.

Coffee is the standard grinders mix: ok to start with, but not to be left for too long.

Wild berry café, north sydney

Lavazza coffee. On berry st, another sandwich bar / cafe; mostly low-lit indoor seating, with a few outdoro tables for the smokers. A big tv plays sky news at a low volume.

The coffee itself is an enigma: starting out as a really bad cup on first taste, it moves around to peaks of being merely disappointing, before settling on bad. Your experience may vary, but I won’t be back for the coffee.

Magazi espresso, north sydney

Grinders coffee. On the staion end of walker st – 53 – is this buzzing espresso and sandwich bar. Well prepared for the morning rush, the breads, bagels, condiments, even rows of 2L milk bottles are arranged ready to go.

Staff are friendly and efficient, giving me a delay to look at the menu before asking for my order. Indoor and outdoor seating, all sheltered from the elements. I’d never thought to visit here, but it’s certainly a solid place. Coffee is the usual grinders coffee, if you’re a fan of grinders, you can expect pretty much the same thing anywhere it’s served in north sydney, although the milk here was a little thin.