Aviva take away and fine food, north sydney

Segafredo coffee. At the base of 20 berry st; lots of seating and a range of biscotti and pastries.

Coffee arrives fast, staff are friendly, but even the thought of relief from a headache can’t help me enjoy the flavour of this good temperature-and-texture coffee. Were it not for my quest to blog every café in north sydney, I think i’d avoid this blend for a long while.

Update: turns out it wasn’t a caffeine headache. Oh well.

Voi café, north sydney

Calima coffee. More restaurant than café, this place has a very relaxed feel. Staff are very polite, friendly, professional. They are licenced, have eftpos, air conditioned seating inside for about 20, and could squeeze in another eight outside under umbrellas.

Coffee is synchronised to arrive with the food order, and is a readily drinkable temperature, good texture, and has a mild flavour, but tastes a little too much like a mass-market coffee, with an unpleasant aftertaste. Overall, a pleasant spot for a lunch with friends, if a little pricey.

Café 33, north sydney

Allpress coffee. At the base of the sun building, on the pacific highway: mostly serving people in the building, five people buzz around handling breakfast orders. Prices seem ok, and the place is doing a roaring trade.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, and when it does, it’s an unusual flavour that takes a few sips to get used to. Not my favourite coffee, but it was okay: good temperature, and not too thin.

Everton café, strathfield

Schibello coffee. Sandwich bar near the station – there’s even an old train sign for strathfield on the wall! Staff are friendly, and there are a few locals, and people working nearby, enjoying the morning sun.

Coffee is a good temperature, and a good price. Pleasant taste, milk a little thin. Good for the morning rush to the station, and made really quickly.



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I don’t usually eat a lot of strange candy, but when julie sent me some peeps, after our email discussion of the work at the peep research institute I had to try one.

They taste like sugar-coated (kind of like jubes, where the sugar is in crystal form) marshmallow, but somehow the sum of the parts is greater. Odd.