Toby’s estate, chippendale

Toby’s estate coffee – espresso rico. Over looking queen victoria park, near sydney uni, the first impression is that the staff are a bit distracted with taking orders. After a bit of a wait, i’m in the queue while the barista carefully makes each coffee. Some upbeat music plays quietly; a range of teas, coffees and coffee machines are on sale, all fairly pricey. You can even pick up a coffeelab ergonomic tamper for $90.

It’s a long wait for the coffee, even though the store is fairly quiet. They manage to make my takeaway order as an eat-in, but catch it before offering it to me. Coffee is well made, good temperature and texture, but i’m not sure about the blend; on first taste there’s something not quite right about it, but it settles down soon enough. Overall, not the best toby’s experience. Stick to their Woolloomooloo store, I think.

movie: the da vinci code

The Da Vinci Code

So much ink has been expended on the teaching content of the book, and the movie; it’s pretty clear that the sorts of things that the movie says about Jesus, and about the church is largely made up. The trouble is that there is no difference in the presentation of fact and fiction.

As a movie, it has moments of good action, but there are a bunch of areas which are too slow moving; Tom Hanks is a bit too wooden, Ian McKellen is excellent; the scenes with the Albino monk are pretty confronting – unnecessarily so.

It’s not a particularly bad movie, but I don’t know that it’s worth a full-price ticket. I don’t think it would convince anyone either for or against Christianity.

Bowan island bakery, drummoyne

Toby’s estate coffee. Mostly a bakery, with a café bolted onto it. Delicious food, and fairly close to the bay run, so a good spot to recharge after some exercise. With all the sweets on offer, though, be careful you don’t undo all your hard work!

There’s a bit of a delay during the sunday morning rush; the latte isn’t filled all the way to the top of the glass, which i’ve never seen done before: given the crowded seating, perhaps it’s to avoid spills. Coffee is a good drinking temperature, pleasant taste, good texture. A great spot for breakfast.