M M café, north sydney

M M café, north sydney

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Schibello coffee. Looking very modern, with slate, dark wood and metal interior, this new café has appeared on mount st with seating for about 20 inside and outside. The manager is friendly, enthusiastic and efficient, taking orders and making coffees.

Coffee is good; milk a little foamy on first taste, but temperature and strength were good. The barista seems keen to accommodate special requests. They’re looking at moving to Schibello black label soon, so it could be different again.

Manhattan café and grill, north sydney

Manhattan house blend coffee. On walker st, a new foyer leads to another café opening up. As close to five-star hospitality as you’ll get in north sydney, the staff are professional and friendly.

Coffee is a good temperature and flavour: their secret house blend is a little odd on first taste, but subsequent mouthfuls are much better. A good mid-morning coffee. If you prefer the hotel café experience to the local café, this is the place for you.


While offline over the weekend, I needed to work out the answer to a Star Wars trivia question, so I sent a text message to a friend: “What is the name of the main ewok in ROTJ?”, and received back a one-word message as an answer: “Wicket”.

Turns out that my mobile number wasn’t in the friend’s phone. Perhaps I should sign text messages more often. Kudos to the friend for just answering the question, and not trying to find out who might be asking.

Book: Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

J.I. Packer has written a work in answer of the question “If God is sovereign – if He controls everything, then why should we tell people about Jesus?”. What is the difference between the precepts of God (what God wants from our behaviour) and the purpose of God (the plans: the things that will definitely happen). If you’ve pondered this, it’s a book that will make a rewarding read. (Hint: we evangelise because God tells us that we should).