Moose espresso bar, newtown

Aroma coffee. Relaxing 1920’s music plays in the background, muting the sound of the traffic a little. The lighting is somewhat soft, ceiling fans create a gentle breeze, and the smell of bacon is in the air.

If anything, the place seems understaffed this morning: one loan staff member runs the whole place as I visit – not really enough for a place that seats so many people – probably 20 at a pinch!

Coffee is hot, strong and generally pleasant.

Tisu, balmain east

Coffee roaster coffee. It turns out that balmain east is a good 15 minutes walk from balmain itself, past sandstonje and other heritage buildings. Tisu, then, is a fish out of water with its glass walls and smooth concrete floor.

A range of appealing food options fill a salad bar window, and the café seats about 20 people.

Coffee is fairly standard fare; the milk has been thickened just right, its temperature is spot on for drinking. Flavour-wise, it’s a little smoky, but with full-cream milk it might have been better.

Bertoni’s casalinga, balmain

Belcafe coffee. Somehow this place is crowded and friendly at once. Communal table, against a wall, surrounded with different people all going about their morning rituals. Mostly magazine reading.

Coffee is made enthusiastically, but there are a few people ahead of me in the queue. Without asking, a glass of water arrives with my coffee – always a welcome gesture. Coffee is thick and strong, a good temperature for easy drinking. There’s an aftertaste that I can’t quite place, but in general, a good experience.

Witham’s coffee, waverton

Witham’s coffee. The smell of burned toast combines with a warm, slightly dark ambience inside, and a range of well-to-do locals outside. Staff are friendly to customers and each other, and a range of somewhat pricey food choices (we are in waverton, after all) compliment a serious range of coffees: this is something of a headquarters for the roaster, after all!

Coffee is a bit on the thin side, but immediately drinkable temperature. First sip not too promising, but improves if you stay with it.

Snakes on a Plane

Snakes on a Plane. Another guilty pleasure of a movie. Captures some of the spirit of the old action movies, with its attitude to sex and violence… quite a few jump moments, and some content that’s not suitable for kids. The plot? I’m not sure what they’re going to do with the sequel – it seems like they’ve exhausted the various snake and plane scenarios. It’s a solid movie most of the way through, although it slows down towards the end.

If you enjoy one dimensional characters, plots that are given away by the title, and being part of pop culture, this is worth a look. If you’re looking for something that requires thought, then perhaps look further.