Anise, King St Newtown – revisited.

Danes coffee. 381 King St, Newtown. Friendly staff greet you on arrival, and water is brought to the table even before you order – always a good start. The courtyard at the back has a choice of outdoor furniture, seating about thirty. It’s a breezy, laid back space.

Towards the front of house is an open kitchen’ and some more sun-drenched seating overlooking King St.

Coffee is well-made; the grinder is running to make the shots, it’s a drinkable temperature and the texture is smooth, and a little light. All that lets it down is the Danes coffee itself; i’m personally not a fan, but your mileage may vary.

Note: I was prompted to revisit after hearing from the new owners, but I didn’t identify myself.

psalms on a train

It’s the read-slabs-of-the-bible part of semester. This week, just to keep up with what was covered in class, I read Ecclesiastes, Job, and Revelation. Yesterday, I read 30 Psalms over the course of two train trips. This week’s Old Testament lecture is on the Psalms, and so that’s the prescribed reading: all 150 Psalms. I don’t know that I’ll get through all of them, but I’ll give it a go.