price and history

When you reading about history, and someone mentions a particular amount of money, how can you understand what that amount means? Mark Bernstein writes about Price and History, suggesting that an amount of money in one historical period can’t just be scaled by inflation to make sense of it in another era – there are […]

exams over

Two exams down, and I’ve finished college for the year. It’s been a worthwhile experience over all. I don’t think it’s for everyone: the sheer academia of it would be a turn-off to some people: not everyone wants to study at all, let alone study something that has very little chance of increasing your ability […]

2 Park Espresso – Citigroup Building, Sydney

2 Park Espresso – Citigroup building, sydney Espresso di manfredi coffee. 2 Park St, Sydney. Fast, efficient, and looking like they go through a lot of milk; there are comfortable armchairs for drinking coffee, and a small range of breakfast and lunch options. Coffee is good; hot, yet drinkable, thick, but not too thick. A […]