Book: The ESV bible

Book: The ESV Bible Thanks to a late catch-up read this afternoon, I managed to finish reading through the bible (including reading the New Testament and the Psalms twice) this afternoon. I would highly recommend the M’Cheyne plan if you’re searching for a new year’s resolution along the lines of "Read my bible more" – […]

About Thyme, Cremorne

About thyme, cremorne Toby’s estate coffee. 362 Military Rd, Cremorne. This place is a combination of deli and food court style eatery. After ordering at the counter, you’re directed to a bench where there’s self-serve water, cutlery and serviettes. The conversations of fellow diners is drowned out by the background music: some ambient jazz. There’s […]

Movie: Babel

Movie: Babel The Tower of Babel is the bible story where God confuses the language of the people on earth. The uniting element of this film is seeing people from a range of different languages and cultures fail to communicate with each other. A somewhat depressing, but clever film that interweaves a series of plots […]