Movie: The Queen

Movie: The Queen If ever someone earned a best actress Oscar for embodying a role, it’s Mirren. Perhaps she already looks like Queen Elizabeth the second, and that certainly helps, but the dignity she brings to the role, the masterfully constrained emotion: excellent work, good to watch. The other characterisations are good, but it’s the […]

fresh look

A quick change of stylesheet, mostly for readability, and a banner image that better reflects where the site is at. Once I move house later in the month, I might have a little more time for the site, but for now, it’s a bowl latte that I poured myself, some greek text, and (in the […]

Lunchtime greek

Lunchtime greek Minor breakthrough this lunchtime with greek, although it’s a little hard to explain. Spent the lunchbreak on some exercises; one was to translate “the one god is in heaven”, which I managed to nut out, without looking up any words. Not terribly exciting, huh? Well, as it turns out, the breakthrough was in […]