Lobby café, NAB Plaza Sydney

Voodoo espresso coffee. A portable café of sorts: one staff member takes the orders, one does the milk, one the shots. After ordering, there are two sides of the café to stand on: one for smokers, one for non-smokers. A better look around reveals that this is the outdoor part of a much more well-appointed cafe in the lobby itself: indeed, this is where the toast emerges from – orders are placed by cordless phone!

Coffee is ready fairly quickly, and it’s a bright, warm latte with no bitterness. There’s not much complexity to it, but it’s a high quality cup for something made outdoors!

The loft café, Bondi Junction

Caffe musetti coffee. In an enviable location within bondi junction westfield, this is a place to take a break from designer shopping and catch your breath. Order at the counter and take a table number back to your choice of couches, stools or even outdoor table and chairs.

Coffee is a while in coming, but arrives at the table complete with an individually wrapped chocolate coated coffee bean: i’ve never seen them individually wrapped before! The lattes are better with full-cream milk: the skim comes out a bit flat, muting the flavour of the coffee, but still keeps a good aftertaste.

Bacino espresso bar, Mosman

Little italy coffee. Very italian, from the sambucca bottle high up on the shelves, to the choice of biscotti and pastries. Staff are friendly and efficient., and despite its tiny size, there’s a queue for the coffee.

Coffee is a good temperature and texture; some mild acidity; reminicent of grinders. The espresso, though, is light and bright: a thin crema, but sweet, without bitterness. A pleasant surprise.

Certainly a cheery place to pass some time.

The Avenue café and espresso bar, Mosman

Mokador coffee. 185-187 Avenue Road Mosman. Sinatra music is softly piped into this cheery wood-lined space. Dark chocolate colour scheme, friendly staff, locals enjoying breakfast. Not cheap – the big breakfast weighs in at $16.50, but that includes juice and coffee.

Coffee is the right temperature, but the aroma is straw-like; it has that sense of floury taste that I’m sadly not a fan of. It’s a shame; as a place to spend time, it’s very pleasant.