Pre-greek breakfast

Pre-greek breakfast What better way to prepare for a morning of greek lectures than by revising some greek? What way indeed? A few things I’ve noticed this semester: the first half of semester was much easier than the second if you skip a concept, or don’t learn it thoroughly, there won’t be time to go […]

long weekend

Took a rare day off to streach out a quick trip up and down the coast. Managed to spend some time with Kel’s mum, grab a 5km run along the Nambucca river and towards the beach, visit church in Macksville, and see the latest addition to the Morton family.

Book: The Power of One

Book: The Power of One– Bryce Courtenay The audiobook was free for download at the iTunes Music Store, so I grabbed it at the time; I’ve never read this book before, nor (despite listening to no small number of podcasts) listened to an audio book, and this one is a monster at somewhere around 20 […]