Montea’s at the Goldsburough, Pyrmont

Voodoo espresso. More of a sandwich shop or corner store than a café, there’s a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. A good range of sandwich fillings are on offer, along with a generous wedge of banana bread for the sweet tooth.

Coffee – there’s no decaf – is passable, but far from great. It is, though, the closest cafe to GlobalSwitch.

The Coffee Dealer, Circular Quay

Vittoria coffee. Don’t let the signage fool you, they’re selling vittoria, not café aurora at this hive of coffee activity. Despite its size, it has six staff: three just on coffee, and they’re doing a roaring trade.

Coffee – a decaf latte – is ready in a flash, and it’s hot, a little thin at first, but among the best decafs i’ve seen, certainly exceeding my expectations.

As a place to write, this is an unusual setting indeed: it’s a mix of indoor and outdoor, with a massive glass roof about four stories up, but pavers and tiles on the ground. If you can put up with the smokers, this could be a good place to break out a few paragraphs of prose.

Goldenbean 66, Sydney

Morgan’s handcrafted coffee. Situated in the Sydney Masonic Centre, there’s a lot of natural light, since there are 18 foot high ceilings with glass walls. Staff are friendly and courteous, and there’s a huge range of breakfast choices.

Coffee is good; despite an overly thick head, it’s a sweet, complex flavour, with a mostly pleasant aftertaste – very good for a decaf.

As a writing venue, this would be great. On first visit, I’m invited to stay all day.