Movie: Bee Movie

Movie: Bee Movie Jerry Seinfeld’s first large-scale project in a long while doesn’t look or feel like an episode of Seinfeld. It works as a kids’ movie, and has a few moments where the adults will find it entertaining, but (sadly) it’s nothing as groundbreaking as a Pixar film.

Salty dog seafood café and gallery, coolongolook

Salty dog seafood café and gallery, coolongolook Segafredo coffee. For kilometres heading north there are signs detailing the menu of this converted church on the pacific highway. Dedicated to fresh seafood, and providing travellers with a pleasant spot to rest, sadly the coffee for me wasn’t up to standard. There’s something about segafredo coffee that […]

Movie: Hitman

Movie: Hitman Not since The Day After Tomorrow has there been a movie so tailor-made for sitting down with my younger siblings and ridiculing. A combination of action movie cliches, this film somehow manages to be entertaining, despite its lack of substance – it’s a case of reminiscing about the movies that this film was […]