Toby’s estate, woolloomoolloo

Toby’s estate coffee. 129 Cathedral st, Woolloomoolloo. This was the café where toby himself sold me my current coffee machine, many years ago. It’s also the place where I took a couple of espresso courses – I’ve even used their machine when learning how to make an espresso correctly. It’s a place I have a lot of affection for.

As a café, though, it leaves a little to be desired. The barista, though highly skilled, is a little hostile. The food is a little too expensive – $5 for toast is too much. The seating is fine, the roaster in the back still adds to the atmosphere, though a lot of places have roasters these days.

Coffee is hard to fault. Good temperature, excellent texture, and though it’s a decaf, it’s freshly ground to order. It continues to sell great coffee, but it might be time for a facelift.

Le monde café, surry hills

UPDATE (4-Jun-10): I’ve revisited this cafe.

Allpress coffee. 83 foveaux st, surry hills. Cheerful french style accordion music is regularly drowned out by the sound of beans being ground, and coffee being made.

The aesthetic is dark wood, even lining the walls up to the high ceilings, and though the lighting is a little low, it has a pleasant ambience.

Coffee is made quickly – especially for takeaway orders, and it’s tasty and well made. Worth a visit.

This seems like it would be a good place to get some writing done, though it was difficult to get the waiter’s attention to order subsequent drinks after the first order: perhaps a more lenghty stay would correct that.

Downing centre café, sydney

Caffe di stefano organic coffee. Corner elizabeth and liverpool sts, sydney. Near the courts, lots of glass bricks., soft music. Has the sense of a waiting room: people either drop in, and immediately depart, or stay, with no clear aim in mind.

Coffee is not great; there’s a metallic taste to the decaf. Doesn’t improve on the second sip.

long silence

Why haven’t I posted in a while? Because Telstra can’t seem to get its bigpond broadband service working at home: I’ve just been told it will be another week before they can send out a technician. Thanks, Telstra.

Grumpy baker, waverton

Allpress coffee. A combination of bakery, gourmet food shop and café, this friendly place even has a space in the back for kids to play.

The music – classic hits – is a little loud for ambience, but it distracts nicely from the sound of traffic. Wide range of lunch options: sandwiches and pies, and a highly tempting cake selection.

Coffee is good: promptly made, good temperature for immediate drinking, and tastes good: especially for a decaf.

Croquembouche patisserie, botany

Numero uno coffee. 1635 Botany rd, botany. An unlikely location for a patisserie with na obvious commitment to high quality food, and where the coffee comes highly recommended. The glass walls work impressively to keep the noise out: the outside tables suffer from the noise of traffic.

Coffee is quite ok, but not spectacular: a good temperature, with something of a massive head of foam on top.

More a place to gossip and enjoy than somewhere to accomplish any serious writing.