different coffee brands and their decaf

Having learned of the swiss water decaffeination process, I wondered how some of the brands available in Sydney make their decaf.

Any suggestions for other brands that I’ve missed?

good friday and 24

In bible study tonight, we read through the preamble and the crucifixion narrative in Matthew’s gospel – my very patient group put up with an hour and a half of looking at the different segments, and thinking about who was there, and what was going on.

It’s not completely unlike a season of 24: so much changes between the eating of the passover, and the next sunset.. a dubious trial, a number of gatherings, a great injustice… and something highly significant, at least for Christians.

I’ve had a succession of unusual Easters in the last few years (for example, the highly busy easter 2007). This is the first time for many years that there hasn’t been a wedding to go to, and we don’t often have 4 days off in a row, so we decided to go to Christchurch in NZ to visit jordan and channah.

Good Friday morning we went to our usual church. It was a standard evangelical morning service: hymns, sermon, prayers, bible readings. We visited my parents, then headed home for lunch, which was shared with an old youth group leader of mine, and some other visitors. Then we were off to the airport. Friday night we flew over to NZ. I spent the whole flight reading an article by Don Carson that our lecturer recommended we read a few times so that we understand what’s being said. I think I need to read it at least once more, but there was a sense of accomplishment in finishing the article at least!

st andrews square

Saturday, we walked into St Andrews church, which is probably the most famous church in Christchurch. Nothing church-y was happening there, it was just a place to go and be a tourist, but it reminded me of the church I went to when I was in london. Lots of history (it’s a little over 150 years old), and a “religious” feel to it. There was even a little chapel off to the side where you could take communion at a certain time of day.

Sunday, we went to church with Jordan and Channah; their church meets in a school hall, and the sermon wasn’t anything to do with easter!

I know it’s not cool for reformed Christians to talk about ritual as a part of worship, but surely the church calendar is there for some reason? I think that Easter is something that the Anglicans are doing correctly when they make a bit more of a big deal of it: it’s not just an extra church service to go to, there’s a reason to keep coming back, year after year, to the same story, and remember the events of that weekend.

I had a great time seeing NZ, but I’m hoping to be more reflective at Easter next year, to make sure I spend more time reading about and praying to God.

Grab & fly, christchurch international airport.

Surprisingly, once you prepare to board, there’s the opportunity for fresh food and even for passable coffee. They even accept australian currency, though they give NZ change.

Coffee is good: well above airport standards: you can taste the coffee above the weight of the milk. There’s a lingering aftertaste, too: overall, quite pleasant.

Cityside café, christchurch international airport

Picco premium coffee. A spot for weary travellers to gather and grab some standard airport fare: pastries, the ubiquitous ham-and-cheese-croissants, and some toasted paninis, salads, or yoghurt cups. Food is not incredibly fresh, but it’s not too bad for an airport lounge.

Coffee is not too hot, and looks safe enough, if a bit weak. Indeed, it tastes more like hot milk than coffee, and in doing so, avoids being too offensive. You could do worse at an airport, though there’s better available through customs.

Movie: Run Fatboy Run

Movie: Run Fatboy Run

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the movie Hot Fuzz, which is another Simon Pegg vehicle. It felt that in this film, he was out of his depth trying to portray the emotional range that the character needed, though somehow, amidst all the reaching for laughs, there are some genuinely touching moments.

David Schwimmer’s direction is a little all over the place: there are some great wide shots, but most strikingly, the film lacks a cohesive visual style.

The Kingdom

[inflight movie] The Kingdom

I found this movie about americans investigating terror in the UAE to be disappointing: it seemed to be a way of justifying the caricature of muslims, without really explaining any of the interplay between the US and the Middle East. Watch Syriana instead: it manages to make the case a little more evenly.