good friday and 24

In bible study tonight, we read through the preamble and the crucifixion narrative in Matthew’s gospel – my very patient group put up with an hour and a half of looking at the different segments, and thinking about who was there, and what was going on. It’s not completely unlike a season of 24: so […]

Grab & fly, christchurch international airport.

Grab & fly, christchurch international airport. Surprisingly, once you prepare to board, there’s the opportunity for fresh food and even for passable coffee. They even accept australian currency, though they give NZ change. Coffee is good: well above airport standards: you can taste the coffee above the weight of the milk. There’s a lingering aftertaste, […]

Cityside café, christchurch international airport

Cityside café, christchurch international airport Picco premium coffee. A spot for weary travellers to gather and grab some standard airport fare: pastries, the ubiquitous ham-and-cheese-croissants, and some toasted paninis, salads, or yoghurt cups. Food is not incredibly fresh, but it’s not too bad for an airport lounge. Coffee is not too hot, and looks safe […]

The Kingdom

[inflight movie] The Kingdom I found this movie about americans investigating terror in the UAE to be disappointing: it seemed to be a way of justifying the caricature of muslims, without really explaining any of the interplay between the US and the Middle East. Watch Syriana instead: it manages to make the case a little […]