mcmenu song

While trying to run this morning, I spotted a discarded McDonalds Hot Cakes container, and started singing the mc-menu song to myself: something I haven’t thought of in many years. Thanks to the power of Google, I found the rest of the lyrics, which I record here for posterity:

I’ll have a big mac quater pounder fillet of fish mcfeast as well a junior burger and cheese burger chicken mcnuggets 6 or 9 with 4 delicious sauces and some golden french fries small and large and to drink an orange juice plus coke no make that diet coke a fanta sprite thee kinds of shakes chocolate strawberry and vanilla coffee tea hot apple pie and cookies and 3 different sundaes hot choc fudge hot caramel or maybe strawberry yeah my favourite maybe breakfast hash browns english muffins jam or marmalade 2 sausage egg mcmuffins please plus hotcakes with some maple syrup bacon egg mcmuffin or big breakfast or some scrambled eggs I love mcdonalds good time great taste and I get this all at one place….

I managed to get as far as the 3 different sundaes before the wheels fell off. It’s scary how well something that you learned as a child can stick in your head!

dvd: my sassy girl

DVD: My Sassy Girl

A Korean movie destined for cult status; an odd combination of romantic comedy, and genre-defying comedy. Hard to compare it to anything else I’ve seen, but if looking into a movie that somehow combines film references like “The Matrix” and “Tomb Raider” with physical comedy and the best parts of those teen-angst romantic comedies, then this is well worth investigating.