Movie: Mongol

Mongol – the Genghis Khan story. Beautifully shot, this Russian-made film tells the “untold” story of the early life of Genghis Khan. The characters are well-formed, and it ends up being a very human story. Yes, there are big set-piece battles, and there’s a fair bit of gore, but even that seems more of a […]

movie: the happening

The Happening is really not worth your time or effort. Though it has a great sense of creepiness throughout, the poor characterisation, plot, and premise make for a time in the cinema spent wondering how this project was approved. If you do bring yourself to watch it, you’ll find the things that are good about […]

book: bit literacy

Bit Literacy MIT computer science graduate Mark Hurst has put together a book here that details ways for the average person to be able to cope with the massive influx of “bits” – of digital information – that press in on modern life. Easy to read, minimally technical, there are a lot of practical ideas […]

movie: iron man

Iron Manкомпютри is mostly a movie for kids, though it has a little too much violence and innuendo in it to particularly commend itself. Unusually, I found myself craving popcorn about two thirds of the way through: it’s just that kind of movie. A fun distraction, and really seamless special effects, but a little less […]