best commentaries

Can you really judge a book by its cover? To some extent, this is a good starting point – each commentary series has its own goals, and relative technical difficulty level. Best Commentaries dot com takes you further, though – you can see the books on a virtual bookshelf (comparing their relative sizes and thicknesses), […]


Is anyone else surprised to learn that an Ampersand character is a conjunction of the letters “e” and “t”, because the word “et” means “and”? If you’re trying to find the right ampersand for the job, you might find a cross-platform list of ampersands a good place to start.

pantry organised

pantry organised It’s taken me years to get around to this, but we finally have a pantry whose organisation makes sense to both myself and my wife. And in the end, it was a matter of thinking about what little I know about cooking, and working out how to group everything together so that the […]