Ground espresso, North Sydney

Piazza d’oro coffee. 101 pacific highway, North Sydney. Named after the ground floor, this lobby cafe/restaurant is a haven for suits who are looking for a place to spend their lunch-hour. Not cheap, but still fairly priced for north Sydney. Staff are professionally distant, rather than friendly. A big range of lunch options.

The decaf is ground to order, but lacks freshness, which is a shame. Quite drinkable, the place remains a pleasant spot for a workday break.

Playing with an iphone

I’ve borrowed an iPhone for the week, to try a work out if it’svworth getting one: after watching some presentations on oz-ia, I’m convinced that it’s a good platform for a lot of people, but I like to do a lot of typing on a mobile device, so it might not be the best choice for me.

As far as the application launching process goes, it does a great job: it’s been easy to set up. A twitter client, my gmail access and a feed reader: better than my old k-jam in that regard. For writing slabs of text, though, it isn’t great.

Perhaps I don’t yet know how to make the most of the keyboard – it seems to have a lot of hidden enhancements, but the predictive text isn’t working for me in every case.

Overall, I’m enjoying the experience, but I don’t know if I want to make it a permanent move.

Worth noting too is that when you swap sim cards on an iphone, it doesn’t remember your SMS history.

A busy month

Before the end of October, i’m expecting that I will have:
– prepared and preached a sermon on sola fire (faith alone)
– completed three assignments for college, including one that requires me to conduct a 30-40 minute marriage counselling session on a role-play couple – If you’d like to help with that, let me know
– resumed a bunch of church-y duties i’d left other people in charge of a month ago
– handed over a lot of responsibilities and picked up a lot if new ones.

Suffice to say, it’s going to be a significant month.

Simmone Logue, Double Bay

Karmee Coffee. 2 Cross St, Double Bay. A combination of a deli and bakery, this place too is crowded on a Sunday. Queuing at the counter gives you a chance to watch the staff interact: even when the pressure is on, they’re professional, and handle the varying temperaments of their customers.

Coffee takes a few minutes to come together, it’s well made and slightly sweet.

Bar Indigo, Double Bay

Bar Indigo Blend (roasted by Single Origin). 15 Cross St, Double Bay. With seating inside, and in the traffic island in the middle of the street, this place seems busy all Sunday long. They make up for their 5-8 minute wait for a takeaway coffee, though, by being honest about the time it will take for the order to arrive. Yes, this is an upmarket suburb in Sydney – the store across the way that recommended the place charged me more for a greeting card than I ever thought I’d pay – but this cafe is quite reasonably priced.

The decaf latte has a good texture, and is neither bitter nor sweet. It’s the standard decaf that Single Origin make. If you’re in the neighbourhood, it’s worth a visit.

oz-ia 2008 – coffee review

Free Backpack

I’m now back home after OZ-IA 2008. Somehow, Eric Sheid (Long Black, but was drinking lattes this week) manages to pack 22 sessions into a two day conference. I missed one of the sessions, but I tried to ask the speakers how they have their coffee.

Here’s what I found out.

Day One

Where is Square 1? – James Hunter (flat white + 1 sugar)
Psych your mind – IA and Social Computing Strategy – Matthew Hodgson (Cappuccino, no sugar)
Homer Simpson & UCD in large goverment change programmes – Caronne Carruthers-Taylor (double shot latte)
The value of an interaction – Joel Flom (flat white)
Ambient Personalisation & Rich Interaction Mechanisms – Christopher Khalil (strong latte, but only one per day)
iPhone: rethinking the mobile IA – Oliver Weidlich (didn’t get to ask him about coffee)
Automated tree testing – faster, better, smarter? – Sam Ng (flat white + 1 sugar)
UX Strategy: defining and executing strategies for your projects and teams – Steve Baty (flat white in the morning, double espresso at night)
Are users really ready for faceted search? – Elizabeth Pek (didn’t get to talk to her)
Search and sensibility: Four tales of search – Louisa Cameron (??), Angus Fraser (??), Scott Bryant(skim flat white), Chris Khalil (strong latte, only one per day)

Day Two

Website to Webapp – designing for workflow – Shane Morris (flat white + 1 sugar)
IA in the Cayman Islands – Sam Ng (flat white + 1 sugar)
Context is everything – Iain Barker (flat white)
Let’s talk about forms – Jessica Enders (doesn’t drink coffee)
Taxonomy, Social Networks and Pace-Layering – Roger Hudson (latte with 2 sugars)
How many seconds does it take to order a burrito? – Zafer Bilda (Long Black / Skim Cappuccino)
How about them apples? UCD benchmarking as an ROI technique – Andrew Boyd (flat white + 1)
Contextual Enquiries – the who, how, why, and when – Lisa Herrod (skim flat white)
From research fluff to useful tools – Stephen Cox (doesn’t drink coffee)
Taken out of context: old tricks, new dog – Margaret L Ruwoldt (plunger coffee, no milk, or macchiatos, except for Vittoria and Genovese, which she’ll drink without milk)
The Pleasure and Pain of UX freestylin’ – Donna Spencer (flat white with one), Gary Barber (latte)

A few summary stats:
75% – no sugar
42% – Flat White or Latte
25% – add sugar
21% – un-interviewed
17% – Latte
8% – non-coffee drinkers
4% – Cappuccino
4% – Long Black
4% – Plunger

the first 5000 posts

When you least expect it, a milestone will fly by. WordPress tells me that I’ve now written over 5000 posts on this blog, in the last 8 years. In that time, I’ve used Blogger, Movable Type, and now WordPress, I’ve visited and blogged about over 350 cafes (some of which have closed down), and I’ve switched from caffeinated coffee to decaf.

I’ve also set up a blog for another family member using TextPattern.

What have I been talking about here for these past 5000 posts? I put the words from the blog into wordle, and this was the result.