Ground espresso, North Sydney

Piazza d’oro coffee. 101 pacific highway, North Sydney. Named after the ground floor, this lobby cafe/restaurant is a haven for suits who are looking for a place to spend their lunch-hour. Not cheap, but still fairly priced for north Sydney. Staff are professionally distant, rather than friendly. A big range of lunch options. The decaf […]

A busy month

Before the end of October, i’m expecting that I will have:– prepared and preached a sermon on sola fire (faith alone)– completed three assignments for college, including one that requires me to conduct a 30-40 minute marriage counselling session on a role-play couple – If you’d like to help with that, let me know– resumed […]

the first 5000 posts

When you least expect it, a milestone will fly by. WordPress tells me that I’ve now written over 5000 posts on this blog, in the last 8 years. In that time, I’ve used Blogger, Movable Type, and now WordPress, I’ve visited and blogged about over 350 cafes (some of which have closed down), and I’ve […]