Night out

On Wednesday night I went out with a friend for dinner and a movie – the first time in quite a while. We even had a couple of gold class vouchers, so we managed to watch the movie in gold class for regular class prices.

Granted, gold class is designed as an experience for couples: this explains the couches and the bar lighting. On this particular night, one of the cinemas had been booked out by a company for some kind of private screening, so the staff were flat out getting all the food orders together. Nonetheless, all the things we ordered arrived in reasonable time, and without interrupting the move too much – at all, really.

The quality of the food, though, was quite lacking. With ingredients carefully chosen to sound gourmet and exotic, it had the feel of mutton dressed up as lamb – the ingredients, the pre-prepared feel was just not what you would expect with those markups, even remembering that you are in a cinema.

The staff mentioned that the menu changed a little while ago, and would be changing again soon – hopefully they make some improvements. For us, I think we’ll be going back to foraging in the nearby streets for local, low-cost restaurants.

One last word, though. The seats in gold class are fantastic. So comfortable, and good views of the screen. If you have the chance to upgrade – and the promotion ends on November 5th – then it’s worth a try.

some sites that will help you find images

Over at copyblogger was a post about finding images for your blog posts.

Most people who are looking for images to use will be aware of flickr (free – read about how the licencing works) and istockphoto (cheap), but from the comments on the post, I found a few sites that I’d only vaguely heard of, or long forgotten:

  • Zemanta – a wordpress plug-in, firefox extension, and website that helps with image searching
  • stock.xchng – free stock photography
  • Photo Dropper – another wordpress plugin
  • morgueFile – free stock photography
  • flickr storm – flickr search interface
  • flickrleech – another flickr search interface
  • compfight – flickr search interface, in my opinion the best of the ones in this list.

Last chance to see

After five years in the one place, it’s odd to be moving on. I won’t miss the travel time, but the people and the sights and the familiarity of the area will, I think, take some getting used to.

There have been a lot of life changes in the past few months, some – the state of my backyard would tell you – I’m still adjusting to, but I’m hoping that now is the right time to make these changes.

book: My Man Jeeves

Book: My Man Jeeves

I tried this one out using the free “Stanza” reader for iPhone. Though I’m familiar with the stories of Jeeves by P.G. Woodhouse, I’ve never read one of the books through.

Though it was a good read, and characters are well painted, I was troubled by the idleness of the lives that were painted there. Indeed, Jeeves is wise, and a great problem solver, but I was troubled by how insubstantial it all was.

Are the other Jeeves stories worth the effort?

Reduced immune system

Who would have thought that having an extra member of the household, and a few late nights, would take such a toll on my immune system? Certainly not me, as evidenced by my sudden and prolonged lack of health!

After four days of having my only outing be trips to the doctor’s office, a visit to see friends resulted in a go on a Wii fit. It gave me my best health related news in a while – yes, I need to lose a few kilos (and I managed to lose two last week just from being sick), but my Wii fit age is 6 years lower than my physical age!

Perhaps if it had more than one test to go on, the news might be different, but I’ll take the good news wherever I can find it.

Satellite espresso, Newtown

Coffee roaster coffee. Corner of brown and Wilson streets, Newtown. Muted red walls and the feel of a converted laundromat, this place is a great spot to while away a Saturday afternoon, listening to an old Beatles LP on the old stereo in the corner.

The menu has some great ideas: the yoghurt with fresh strawberries, vanilla syrup, macadamias and mint leaves on the all-day breakfast weighs in at $9, and is a great combination of flavours.

Coffee – again, a decaf latte, is perfectly drinkable, and well enough made: there’s no latte art, but that’s he down-to-earth nature of the place.