dvd: be kind, rewind

DVD: Be Kind Rewind

Varying between a drama and a laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy, if you’ve enjoyed Michel Gondry’s other work (and I’ve only seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) then you’ll appreciate this tale of amusing characters trying to rescue a struggling video business. Danny Glover was great in this, Jack Black a little over-the-top. Watch for the camouflage suits: genius.

new people coming to church

A few weeks back, driving past a church sign with some non-Christian friends who work in marketing, we saw this “King sized bed” poster out the front of a church. I noticed it, and thought about trying to start a conversation, but before I could, one of my friends pointed out the poster, and said “that’s very clever”. outreach media poster - king size bed

As we talked about it, it seemed that they were quite appreciative of the sign, and how clever it was, but when I went further and asked if it would actually make them go to a church service, there was a universal “no” response. The barrier to people visiting a church seems much higher than having a well-designed poster.

In the lead-up to Christmas, one of the churches near me had a letter-box drop that made me go so far as to walk over to their building and have a look. It wasn’t enough, though, to have me drop in and see how they were doing things.

What does it take to get a church service to a point where people are comfortable to go? And to invite others?

If you go to a church (and you like it), what do you like about your church. If you don’t… what would make you feel comfortable enough to actually go along to a service?

movie: the curious case of benjamin button

Movie: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Don’t underestimate the appeal of Brad Pitt: we arrived late to book our seats, and all that was left was front-row, off-centre. A difficult way to watch a movie, but satisfyingly immersive.

Told in flash-back, we learn the story of a man who was born baby-sized, but old, and grows young. Along the way, we consider different events in life: death of friends and family, birth, romance, work.

With the device of constantly growing younger, director David Fincher weaves an engaging story that asks a lot of questions, provides a satisfying, though not entirely happy, conclusion.

Watch out for the man who was struck by lightning: great comic moments to lighten the drama.

Fabrik, Surry Hills

Caffe migliore coffee. Reservoir at, surry hills. Big tables, this is

a place to relax in the shade and take in some food and a coffee. The

crowd here is mostly suits and nearby workers, with the staff being

comfortable with their regulars, and friendly with newcomers like


The decaf latte is good, unusually full-flavoured, a good temperature

for easy drinking. Worth a visit.

dvd: Network

DVD: Network

An old classic, winner of 4 Academy awards (out of 10 nominations – it lost best picture to Rocky). Deservedly so, and it tells a story that still feels relevant today. Sure, there are some 1970’s cliches about the visuals and some of the dialogue, but it’s a fascinating study of the TV industry, with some engrossing characters too.