Lush Bucket Cafe, Ultimo

Lush Bucket Cafe, Ultimo

Campos Coffee. 623 Harris St, Ultimo. There are not too many places around Ultimo where Campos is on sale – the distinctive umbrellas and signage had called out to me a few times, but this was my first chance to try the place out.

Don’t be fooled by the street frontage: inside there is plenty of space to listen to the background music, be dazzled by the array of lunch options and sweets: there’s even a bench against the window so you can watch the traffic go past.

Coffee is competently made (though the decaf is pre-ground). My first coffee (a normal sized decaf latte) has some leftover grinds at the bottom of the glass, and the milk is a little too thick. A decaf piccolo latte, though, is just right; served in a half-full piccolo glass, it has great balance between the coffee and milk, and leaves me wanting another.


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  1. Would detour to go back …The best on offer in the area and consistently good. The decaf is now ground to order!

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