Cafe Harris, Ultimo

Toby’s Estate coffee. 456 Harris St, Ultimo. Immediately next to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic centre you’ll see the umbrellas, or at least tables and chairs of this place. There’s a lot of seating here, indoor and outdoor, and a comfortable, lounge-room style arrangement of furniture.

I’m pleasantly surprised to find they have a decaf grinder. When the coffee arrives, it’s a well-made cup of Toby’s Estate, with all the complexity that goes with that.

If you order multiple takeaways, they have quite clever takeaway trays too: perfect for the long walk back to the office.

how to choose your commitments

One of the big sources of conflict in my life at the moment is over how to choose what I commit to. It’s currently the time of year where things slow down for me – I’ve finished my college assignments for the year, and my other projects are starting to wind down.

This is the point in the year where I think through what to sign up for next year: I thought I’d check in with anyone who might be reading this for some advice.

A friend recently said to me: “Life is not meant to be just hard work, but if you believe it will be, it will be.” This rings true with me: if you’re looking for a constant stream of commitments with no downtime in between, there’s no shortage of people who will line up to take up your time with their projects.

From time to time, people tell me I should slow down – drop some commitments. A couple of groups of people who say this are hard to listen to. One, those people who are taking things pretty easy themselves: it’s hard to listen to their advice, as their values on how to spend time don’t line up with mine very well. Two, the people who are in charge of one or more of your commitments – the subtle message is that their commitments are not the ones that you should drop.

What I’m hoping for next year is a level of commitment where I’m achieving things on the projects I’ve picked, but still have the freedom to do some things spontaneously, and the emotional energy to give things back to other people.

How do you decide what to commit yourself to?

is it too late to tweet at conferences?

Has tweeting at conferences had its day?

If you’ve been following conference hashtags on twitter lately, you might have noticed that the tweetstream can end up being multiple people tweeting the same quotable quotes. The more twitter users at the conference, the more pronounced this is.

The article above recommends writing short blog posts about the conference content instead: if you want to publicize them with twitter, you can, but covering a conference is more than just tweeting the things that the speaker has just saidd.

The Perfect Gift for a Man

Earlier this year, I had the chance to participate in a writing project called – The Perfect Gift for a Man. It’s a collection of the work of 30 writers about what it might mean these days to be a man, with a view to raise money for a group who are actually doing something to help lower the suicide rate for Australian men.

You can buy the printed book from or you can purchase the eBook version from The Perfect Gift for a Man website.

ALL the profits from the book are being donated to The Inspire Foundation.

You can also find out more about the book and see our social media release here.