Book: Connection Generation

Book: Connection Generation

If you’re looking around in the social media space in Sydney, it would be hard not to have heard of Iggy Pintado. I first encountered his work in a “webinar” – a type of conference call with associated powerpoint deck and chatroom, and thought that while he clearly knew what he was talking about, he was one of many people with a similar line of thinking, saying similar things.

A while later I saw a blog competition where the best 5 comments on a particular blog post would be rewarded with a copy of Iggy’s book, Connection Generation. I wasn’t sure how detailed a book like that would be, especially after hearing the webinar, but I thought the comptetition looked interesting and sure enough, I won a copy of the book.

Imagine my surprise to find that the book was rich in detail and examples, and does a great job outlining the relationship that different people of different ages and walks of life have with connecting to people in general, and with technology in particular.

Easy to read, and packed with recent examples (up to and including the Obama campaign), this book will reward the reader with lessons learned about people, and about how to better use technology to connect with people.

Luxe Bakery, Newtown

Luxe bakery, Newtown
Single Origin coffee. 191 Missenden Rd, Newtown. Some skylights have been cut in the non-street-facing roof of this place. With the high ceilings, there’s a great sense of space. A big chalkboard in one corner tells the story of the high-ish prices – they’re clearly not after the student market.

If anything, there’s a sense that they are looking for is to capture the essence of an eastern suburbs bakery, and locate it just of the main street of Newtown. And they have succeeded: the decor and the food presentation are really top notch.

The staff are really friendly, confirming the details of the coffee orders before making them. On the downside, the coffee does take a long time to come together.

There’s a separate decaf grinder, which is great to see. As you would expect for a place next door to Campos, the coffee is really good. A little sweet, some notes of cocoa. It’s a pleasure to drink.

I haven’t tried the bread, or the other baked goods, but this place appears well worth a revisit.

menu at luxe bakery, newtown

range of offerings at luxe bakery, newtown

barista at luxe bakery, newtown

Cafe 1 Uno, Biggera Waters

Cafe 1 Uno, Biggera Waters

Amore coffee (Paris blend). Shop 26, 33 Hollywell Rd, Biggera Waters (Queensland): outside the metro market shopping centre. Metro Market shopping centre is one of those small suburban places that crops up in the Gold Coast. It’s not one of the giant outdoor empires, but would fit in well in a suburb of Sydney: just enough shops to pick up the groceries and a few other items – it’s a place to run to for that quick errand.

This place has a bustling kitchen, and seems steadily busy. It competes on price – the cafe’s business card advertises the $5 big breakfast which seems incredible value (2 eggs, bacon, hash brown, grilled tomato, sausage, toast). I didn’t have a chance to try the food, but if we’d had a longer stay we would have tested it out just for the value.

There’s no decaf grinder, and the latte is a little watery, but pleasant tasting.