Cafe Q, Ultimo

Espresso Di manfredi coffee. 68 Mountain St (in the quadrant), Ultimo. Sit outside in the sun, or inside, listening to some old French music being piped in and enjoying the sport on TV. With its prices, mains mostly above $12, it is trying to attract the more – well-to-do from the surrounding units and offices. […]

Cafe 10, Ultimo

Fix coffee. 235 jones St, Ultimo. The 10 here is a reference to UTS building 10: this on-campus outlet has recently had a change of management and a refit, creating a pleasant, well-lit space with a consistent hum of conversations and rattling plates. There’s a selection of pre-made sandwiches, fruit and snacks on sale, and […]

Coffee Box, Jannali

Campos coffee. 72 Railway Cres, Jannali. On one wall, there’s a cushioned sofa and a low coffee tables for those who don’t need a traditional height table to work at (or eat at). There was a fire across the road a few months back, so they’re currently hosting the neighbouring chicken shop’s sandwich bar. At […]