DVD: Shutter Island

DVD: Shutter Island Director Martin Scorsese has created a lot of interesting films over the year, but i’ve mainly seen only his gangster stories thus far. Reading Matt’s review made me feel like this divergence into the horror genre would be worth a look. It didn’t hurt that it owed a certain amount to the […]

DVD: Up in the Air

DVD: Up in the Air I’d been looking forward to seeing this one after its impressive trailer – witty, some good lines from Clooney and others, and a theme – the travel-obsessed loner – that appeals to a nagging inner voice that I have on occasion. Unfortunately, it’s not as funny as the trailer would […]

DVD: Moon

DVD: Moon (2009) Directed and written by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, this is a science fiction movie made on a small ($5M) budget. The best part about this film is the plot: the less you know about it, the more you’ll enjoy it. If you’re a fan at all of the epic science-fiction […]