book: preaching for impact

Book: Preaching for impact

I have a few sermons coming up, so I thought it would be worth reading through a book about the technique of (and reasons for) preaching to keep my thinking sharp.

This is a short, punchy book with a lot of good content – if you’re looking for a quick refresher, or way to come to grips with the concept of preaching, then this is a good place to start.

the best sticky date pudding?

We made a special trip to Eveleigh markets this weekend to see a demo of butter-making by Pierre Issa of Pepe Saya. Like most city-folk, I’d largely assumed that butter just comes in a packet, and it’s all much the same, but if you try their butter, you’ll be able to taste the difference.

They turn 1L of cream into 400g of butter: a lactic culture is added to the cream, and then the buttermilk is washed out of the resulting mix by hand.

pepe saya at eveleigh markets

As a special thanks-for-visiting, we were given a sample dessert from their other food company – homemade finefoods. (Thanks to Ester for organising this).

This is the sticky date pudding (steamed).

Traditional sticky date pudding

And this is the vanilla pouring custard.

vanilla creme anglais

We opted to heat it up in the microwave (50 seconds on high) – it’s a little tricky to remove from the foil packaging, but it ends up looking just fine. The pouring custard takes a while to start pouring.

sticky date pudding with vanilla creme anglais

Verdict? Amazing. It’s a soft, rich, sweet pudding, beautifully complemented by the Creme Anglaise. If you have the chance to try one of these desserts, make sure you do.

As this was a free sample, I’m not sure of the actual pricing, but I’d say that there will be details available on their site before too long. In the meantime, you can follow pepesaya on twitter.

whole bean roastery, marrickville

whole bean espresso bar and coffee roastery, marrickville

Whole Bean coffee. 38 Chapel St, Marrickville. Someone tweeted about this place, so I went to investigate. It’s been open about a month, and used as a roastery all year. The staff welcome you into their space, encourage you to sit and feel at home, and the furniture (bench style seats and big comfy armchairs) continue to keep that feeling.

whole bean roastery, marrickville

There are three grinders going at once, each of equal size, and the decaf espresso is really good – a little light on crema perhaps but very bright. Enough to persuade me to buy a bag of beans ($20 for 500g – there’s no decaf tax, which is a pleasant change). The decaf latte is well made, though I think I’d drink this particular decaf black given the choice.

vinyl - whole bean roastery, marrickville

There’s a lot of (record player) vinyl used as furnishings, and one of the two working record players takes care of the background music. Though there are no high chairs, children are certainly welcome. Recommended.

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DVD: source code

DVD: Source Code

Jake Gyllenhall stars in this film by Duncan Jones (who wrote and directed Moon). One of those rare things these days, a sci-fi thriller that maintains momentum throughout, and (though not flawless) has a concept that isn’t ruined by the ending.

The less you know about it the better – go and watch it if you’re in the mood for a Friday night popcorn movie with just a little more intelligence than usual.

project 8 cafe, ultimo

project 8 cafe, ultimo

10 Q Coffee. 137 Broadway, Ultimo. I’m always on the lookout for a new place, and after watching this shopfront go through a long renovation process, I was excited to see that they’ve opened their doors as of this Monday.

Obviously, the externals of the cafe are still pretty basic as they get into a routine, but the inside is really impressive: lots of timber, and a room out the back with couches and a coffee table.

where the magic happens - project 8 cafe, ultimoI haven’t had a chance to try the food yet, but the decaf is impressive. There’s a decaf grinder, and everything is ground to order. The barista knows what he’s doing, and is making really good milk to go with the coffee.

Try it out before it gets too busy!


DVD: Easy A

Easy A

A high-school drama with its roots in the same films of the 1980s, and consciously tipping its hat there. It’s a film ostensibly about the high rate of sex among teenagers that nonetheless is fairly puritanical in what the characters are getting up to (everyone talks about things, but it appears to be all talk).

As you’d expect, it’s laden with innuendo, but at its heart there seem to be some positive messages about family (and a lot of negative messages about Christian hypocrisy). It owes a lot to Juno for its sense of humour. As a snapshot of what our culture believes about morality in a post-Christian society, this is worth a look.

DVD: Limitless


Bradley Cooper leads up this story of a down-and-out man who transforms his life with a little help from an experimental drug. It asks the question “what would you do if you could use the whole of your brain?” and manages to be an action movie at the same time. Though Robert DeNiro is on the poster, his screen time is quite limited.

It’s an interesting premise, fairly well executed, but with plot holes you could drive a bus through. Not a bad Friday night popcorn movie.