movie: the iron lady

Movie: The Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher was for me the British Prime Minister when I was still a child: I saw more of her in parody than in real footage, and so this biopic of her was a different experience for me than for the people in the cinema who were old enough to remember her as a source of headlines. The story is told using flashback, and so that lasting image of Thatcher is of an “old lady”, uncharacteristically looking back on her life and her legacy.

If you’ve tried to find out anything at all about this film, you’ll know that Streep’s performance is amazing. Jim Broadbent does a good job in this role, but it’s a little too much screen time for the story and Dennis’ part in it.

The main concept the film brings across is to pose a question. What does it mean to have a life that matters, and what must be given up to achieve that kind of life? It’s not a film that asks any spiritual questions, but when a person looks at their life in its entirety, the big question has to be “what next?”, doesn’t it?

cafe xxii, pyrmont

cafe xxii, pyrmont

Cafe XXII coffee. 22 Union St, Pyrmont. A converted old house has made the transition to cafe / restaurant. The food is a little pricy, but well aligned to what you might expect in the area. Staff are buzzing around: there’s full table service if you want it, Sydney Water branded ‘tap water’ bottles, and a great buzz from the kitchen staff too. Towards the end of the lunchtime rush there’s a bit of a wait, even for takeaway, but if you turn up at a reasonable time, you’ll likely be very well looked after.

where the magic happens - cafe xxii, pyrmont
They have their own coffee, a combination of seven different arabicas. Sadly, I tried the decaf. It was well made, reminiscent of the one at Mecca espresso on a good day. Some internet reviews are saying it’s inconsistent, but for mine, it’s easily the best coffee in Pyrmont.

mio mia cafe, ultimo

mio mia cafe, ultimo

Genevese Coffee. 645 Harris St, Ultimo. About a block towards Pyrmont from Mecca Ultimo this place has emerged. The most noteworthy feature internally is the wallpaper – it looks like there ‘s a massive library on one wall, but it’s just a picture. They have comfortable seating, lots of sourdough sandwiches in two size choices, complementary water is offered, and they have a good range of cakes – even macaroons!

Where the magic happens - mio mia cafe, Ultimo

There’s no decaf grinder – the pre-ground decaf lives in a glass container on a shelf above and to the left of the coffee machine. As a result, it’s okay, but not spectacular. The strength of this place seems to be in food rather than coffee: the sandwiches are very good.

Safira Verde, Wolloomooloo

safira verde - woolloomooloo
Lavazza coffee. 63 Crown St., Woolloomooloo. Just around the corner from Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo is this place – eclectic mix of furniture, toys for kids to play with, a series of high chairs, and some signs warning parents to be careful with the furniture. It’s a really pleasant space to spend time, to read one of the books on the shelves, or to catch up with a friend.

where the magic happens - safira verde - woolloomooloo still seems to be in beta a long time after the cafe opened, and so I came in expecting Campos coffee. It wasn’t until after I’d ordered that I saw the Lavazza cups.

You might struggle to find the menu elsewhere online: here’s a shot of the chalkboard. I had the grilled chicken and avocado toasted sandwich – well executed, and recommended.

menu - safira verde - woolloomooloo

Not quite so recommended is the coffee. The decaf is pre-ground and – while all care is spent in putting it together – it’s not something that I’ll be heading back for. The food and the atmosphere is really the winner here.

Monday – Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Saturday: 9am-4:30pm
Sunday: closed