kitchen by mike, rosebery

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Five Senses coffee. 85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery – not much of a street frontage – you need to head through the arch to be able to find your way into here, but it’s an enormous place: there’s a furniture and toy store attached too.

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

If lunching in a converted warehouse appeals, this is one of the better places to do so.

pepe saya butter - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Pepesaya butter is there in abundance, and large slices of bread ($12 per loaf to take away). The food here is expensive, to say the least, but it’s of an excellent quality. The pork belly is fantastic, and the salads are really well balanced, with rich flavours. 

Where the Magic Happens - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

There’s no shortage of coffee grinders here, and – while the ordering process is a little unclear to new visitors – they will bring the coffee to your table, and the babycinos are free.

Sugar - Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

The details are what makes the place: the sugar cubes are rough-hewn and sitting in open jars on the table.

Kitchen by Mike, Rosebery

Coffee is good: the decaf is well made, and they know their way around the milk preparation.

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inc cafe, cronulla

inc, cronulla

Umami Coffee. 93 Cronulla St, Cronulla. I’ve been here a couple of times now, in search of somewhere to eat while in Cronulla. And this place fits the bill – they even have high chairs, and bathrooms down the back of the cafe (an unusual feature for the suburb).

rustic interior - inc, cronulla

It’s an unusual space inside – lots of exposed brick and wire, and the chairs have amazing detail work in the upholstery – all around the cafe’s “Ink” theme.

lots to read - inc, cronulla

Their breakfasts are solid: good egg work, and a small, but solid range of choices. Staff are friendly and helpful.

where the magic happens - inc, cronulla

Coffee is surprisingly good: in the town where Grind and other contenders are duking it out for best coffee in Sydney, I didn’t hold out much hope, but the decaf is fresh ground, and a pleasant drop indeed.

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book: designing for emotion

Designing for emotion

Aaron Walter – lead user experience designer for MailChimp –  is a short book (less than 100 pages). It covers the notion of emotional design – thinking about how you can make interface and copy decisions that will help shape the emotions of website users.

Loaded with case studies and background research, it’s a good read. Thanks to Paul Tagell for the recommendation.

Nano Espresso, Surry Hills

nano espresso, surry hills

Nano Espresso Coffee (roasted by toby’s estate). 28 Albion St, Surry Hills. Apart from this sandwich board, I wouldn’t have noticed this place. I saw it on my way to Single Origin roasters, which is only a block away. This is a surprising place to set up a cafe that takes its coffee so seriously – there’s a sense that the coffee purists will be drawn back to Single O.

nano espresso, surry hills

Inside there are all manner of great little touches, the mini cups and saucers, miniature sauces: it’s a quirky, playful space. One wall is covered with astroturf, and there’s a chandelier made of takeaway coffee cups.

nano espresso, surry hills

Staff are friendly – the barista in particular is up for a chat, and the coffee is well made and very pleasant: it even comes with a free chocolate freckle, another good touch. I wish them every success.


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Shenkin Espresso Bar, Newtown

shenkin espresso bar, newtown

Mecca Espresso, 239a King St, Newtown. Where for so many years “The old fish cafe” had been pouring coffees, with its signature cords of garlic hanging from the ceiling, a new cafe has emerged. The boys from Shenkin (a little down the road in Erskineville) have created a new venue where the emphasis is not on Israeli food, but on coffee, and exceptional pastries.


interior, shenkin espresso bar, newtown

If you’re trying to watch what you eat, this place is not for you – free samples of a few of the pastries await you right next to the cash register, and a single taste will have you keen to purchase something.

where the magic happens shenkin espresso bar, newtown

Coffee is really good: it’s all ground to order, lovingly made, and ready fairly quickly. A strong contender for the best coffee in Newtown, and certainly the pick of the cafes in the immediate area.


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The death of blogging

A short post on the death of blogging resonates with many of my reasons for saying less here.

It seems that the easier methods to publish (twitter, instagram) are winning the battle for attention. One work project of mine, Ultimo Coffee Mornings involves a lot of reading and curating links, but they only make it to the email list, not the web. It’s been a good discipline in a lot of ways, but has limited what I have to say about social media and such topics.