dvd: the artist

DVD: The Artist

Watch this 2010 silent, black and white film about the end of silent film and you’ll see why it won Best Picture for 2010. While telling a classic Hollywood love story, it celebrates what made silent cinema so effective, juxtaposed against the relentless desire for the latest kind of technology. Great performance from lead Jean Dujardin, and his dog. An enjoyable watch.

book: the Christ files

This book by John Dickson was recommended to a friend, so I thought I’d grab a copy and read through it. It’s a high-level summary of the non-Christian and Christian historical documents that point to the existence of Jesus.

Worth a read if you’re after an overview of the ancient evidence for the existence of Jesus. An easy 92 pages written by a well credentialed scholar.

Twig cafe, Surry Hills

twig cafe, surry hills

Single Origin Roasters coffee. 357 Cleveland St, Surry Hills. Adjacent to a garden shop is this cafe – a mix of indoor and outdoor seating that’s busy for most of its opening time.

where the magic happens - twig cafe, surry hills

As you can see from the surrounds of the coffee machine, there’s a lot going on here. A mix of food offerings, flowers, knick-knacks, but still plenty of room to place orders at the counter and work the EFTPOS machine.

twig cafe, surry hills

They’re keen on local, sustainable produce. While I’ve only tried the ham and cheese muffin thus far, it was well put together, and suggests that the remainder of the menu will be equally polished. There are certainly plenty of favourable reviews of their food online.

Coffee too is good – they do a mean decaf long black that’s worth saving on the long walk back towards Central.


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Website: http://twigcafe.com.au/site/

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Golden Cobra coffee. 43 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville. Don’t let this photo fool you – Erskineville Rd, when you’re not visiting on a quiet public holiday Monday, is a busy street. This cafe has a fairly intimate space at the front, with a much larger back room (you’ll find out if you head to the bathroom during a visit) where the longer-form cooking takes place.

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Beyond the clever name is an impressive array of food – generous servings, beautifully presented, and an emphasis on free-range products and what can be made on-site.

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Coffee is expertly prepared. In addition to the house espresso (and well-made decaf long-black), there are a range of other options – pour over, cold drip, and cold filter. It’s rare to find a place that takes as much care over both food and coffee, but this is one. Worth revisiting.

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movie: now you see me

I’d won a couple of free tickets to Now You See Me, and was hoping to catch it early in its Australian distribution, but it wasn’t until this week that a friend and I made it to Hurstville Event Cinema to cash in the tickets.

I’d heard quite a few reviews of the film by now, of course, and so I wasn’t too surprised by the overall structure. I hadn’t heard the twist, though I had a reasonable sense of where the film was going.

It was an enjoyable enough ride (the director also made Transporter 2), and a sequel is in the works, but the main problem is the characters. They’re so unlikeable. It only took a few moments with each to realise that there was no reason to care about any of them, and that we were stuck wanting to understand the mystery, not to urge the characters to succeed.

Surely the movie would have been developed in such a way that some likeable characters could have been introduced? This means that a range of actors who would otherwise be quite watchable are just wasted.

If you can cope with watching a movie where you’re not invested in the success of the major characters, it’s worth a look. The visual spectacle is such that a big screen viewing is worthwhile, if you can still find it.