movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Neither there nor back again. This movie could easily be compressed into just a few scenes, and adds little to the overall telling of the story of the Hobbit.

But who cares? It’s worth the price of admission to be transported back to Middle Earth for another two hours and forty minutes, even as much of the film is spent building anticipation and dread for the titular dragon we meet, at last, in the final reel.

There are a number of horror flourishes at play here, lots of jump moments – it’s not a movie for kids to watch: darker than the original LOTR trilogy, but it’s an enjoyable ride. Freeman is excellent at playing Bilbo Baggins, showing a level of nuance I’ve never seen from him before.

Looking forward to the final instalment: spending the extra couple of hours in Middle Earth this time around made me realise why director Peter Jackson made the decision to take the title of a short, well-known book, and stretch it out so far.

If you’re a fan of Peter Jackson or of Tolkien, you know you’re going to see it.

movie: hunger games: catching fire

Movie: Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Hunger Games 2: Hungrier Games

I’d appreciated the first movie on Blue Ray (though as it turns out I haven’t blogged about it), and thought the second was worth experiencing on the big screen. The reviews had been positive, and my hopes were high.

Overall, they were met. It’s a movie on a larger scale than the previous one – the dystopia is better defined, the hopelessness of living under a totalitarian government is more strongly evoked. Overall, it’s a satisfying emotional journey, albeit one that ends too abruptly and leaves you waiting for the sequel(s) in subsequent years.

Jennifer Lawrence for the most part disappears into her role as the protagonist, the gender roles are – for the most part – reversed from what we’ve come to expect from Hollywood, and Woody Harrelson is in the cast: an argument in itself to see the film.

Patricia Coffee Brewers, Melbourne CBD

Patricia's, Melbourne CBD

Seven Seeds Coffee. Corner Little Bourke St and Little William Street. When I was last at Circa, I mentioned the trip to Melbourne and was told that this is their favourite cafe when they’re in Melbourne. It’s indeed an impressive creation. The doorway reminded me a little of Batteries not included.

Patricia's, Melbourne CBD

The phrase “standing room only” is the only warning you have that there are no chairs inside. It’s a tiny space, with the space behind the counter filling about half the floor plan. 

Patricia's, Melbourne

Order a coffee, and you’ll be given a glass of sparkling water as a palette cleanser.  

Patricia's, Melbourne CBD

 Coffee (there’s no decaf) is exceedingly well-made. Even the babycinos (straight milk, no chocolate) are well-crafted.


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