dendy direct: the babadook

dendy direct: the babadook I’m not generally a horror fan, but with Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo making regular “babadook” sounds in their flagship film review podcast for weeks and months, I decided to watch it. Again, there were playback problems with connecting the dendy direct (iPad) to the apple TV, and so part of the creepiness of […]

apple tv: blue jasmine

Blue Jasmine (2013) was one of those lingering movie-of-the-week offerings on the apple TV, and it took me nearly a month to get back to it, but an evening finally arrived. If’s clear why Cate Blanchett won her Oscar: this is a role that gives her a broad emotional spectrum to play. It’s the usual […]

movie: birdman

Birdman (2015) is a borderline-arthouse movie. The camera dances around the key characters in long, continuous shots – it’s the kind of film you can get lost in. If you’re looking for a Fight-Club level tilt from Edward Norton, an only-slightly Galifianakis from Zach, and an amazing performance from Michael Keaton. There are underlying themes of life’s […]

book: what’s happening to our girls?

Book: What’s happening to our girls? A book for parents to think about the changes in culture and society as it affects their children,  since they were children themselves. It’s not a positive picture: lots of challenges with girls growing up too soon, with too little a sense of self-worth. A good starting point, but […]

movie: the hobbit: the battle of the five armies

movie: The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies Put aside for a moment the complaints that a short book is turned into three high-grossing movies. If you’d like to go back to Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth for one last visit, then you’ll be headed there. There’s lots of blood-less CGI fighting, hand-to-hand combat, a […]

movie: penguins of madagascar

Movie: Penguins of Madagascar One requested by the kids. Again, we took them to the Dendy for their family pricing and smaller screens. 6yo enjoyed it throughout, 3yo (almost 4yo) was a bit scared by the final set piece action sequence. It’s more an action movie than a comedy, though there are plenty of things […]