Welcome to the blog of David Phillips.

I’ve been blogging for over fourteen years; I’m a Christian social media worker living in Sydney. Married since 2001. A dad since mid-2008. For work, I create social media strategy and content. For fun, I review cafes, though I drink decaf on a pretty regular basis.

What’s this blog? The intersection of a few different interests in my life. Cafes, social media and Christianity. Blog posts are either links with short commentary (“links”), or longer, more thoughtful posts (“long”). In the other categories, I talk about the different media I’m consuming: TV shows, DVDs, books, movies.

I have (in order of most recent completion) a Masters degree in Divinity (PTC Sydney, now called Christ College), a Masters degree in Interactive Multimedia (UTS) and an honours degree in computer science degree from Sydney Uni. I’m currently taking a break from studying.

I wrote the (now closed) Ultimo Coffee Mornings newsletter for a few years, and I’m now running a weekly newsletter called Five Ideas and One Coffee. You can sign up for that at my Work Study Dad site.

If you would like to contact me, you can email contact (at) cafedave.net. Or, you could follow me on twitter – @cafedave.

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