Cafe 1 Uno, Biggera Waters

Cafe 1 Uno, Biggera Waters

Amore coffee (Paris blend). Shop 26, 33 Hollywell Rd, Biggera Waters (Queensland): outside the metro market shopping centre. Metro Market shopping centre is one of those small suburban places that crops up in the Gold Coast. It’s not one of the giant outdoor empires, but would fit in well in a suburb of Sydney: just enough shops to pick up the groceries and a few other items – it’s a place to run to for that quick errand.

This place has a bustling kitchen, and seems steadily busy. It competes on price – the cafe’s business card advertises the $5 big breakfast which seems incredible value (2 eggs, bacon, hash brown, grilled tomato, sausage, toast). I didn’t have a chance to try the food, but if we’d had a longer stay we would have tested it out just for the value.

There’s no decaf grinder, and the latte is a little watery, but pleasant tasting.

Myalla café, Bulahdelah

Amore coffee. Stroud st, Bulahdelah. A house with a café that has taken over not just the house, but the front yard as well! Staff are quiet and efficient, going about their business with a polished air.

This is an “order at counter, take table number” kind of place, with a room devoted to ice cream and confectionery. They’ve made the most of the house’s charm, painting the walls a steely silver.

Coffee takes a while, with no dedicated barista, but the staff splitting their duties. Not a place to call in if you’re in a hurry, but then why did you come off the highway in the first place, if that was your aim? It’s served hot, but it’s milky and yet still quite pleasant.

For writing, if you’ve already travelled this far, it’s a good spot to sit and put down a few pages.

Aroma’s café, Gymea

Amore coffee. Wooden interior, with a hint of early settler australian in the use of corrugated metal on the bench seats. Massive serves of food on offer, which puts the higher-than-usual prices into perspective.

Despite what I was reading on other sites, the staff here – while not outright friendly are focussed, not rude.

Coffee is a bit disappointing on first taste, but stay with it – it improves after a few sips, ending up quite drinkable. The odd quality could be due to every staff member in the café is working the coffee machine at some stage.