Beanstalk cafe, Thirroul

Beanstalk Cafe, Thirroul

 Aroma coffee. Corner of Lawrence Hargrave Drive and Railway Pde, Thirroul. Driving down from Sydney to Wollongong I saw this place out the car window, and after a long drive it was something of an oasis to call in to on the way back north. Plenty of tables outside, and then surprisingly few tables when you walk inside. Imagine my surprise, after ordering some food, a coffee, and a couple of babycinos when they say “have a seat in the bookshop”. Walk through the interior door and you’re in a spacious bookshop that seems to have an emphasis on cookbooks. There’s even a second hand section. 

The food is freshly made and very tasty, and the coffee is competently put together. If you’re down the coast looking for a place to stop and recharge, then this is a good one.

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Rufus Cafe, Surry Hills

Rufus Cafe, surry hills

Aroma coffee. 1/47 Cooper St, Surry Hills. 9699 3193.

High ceiling with a glass wall at the frot makes this a well lit space, with searing for 31 indoor and out including a big table that seats 8. There’s an emphasis on sandwich making ok the menu, but the small kitchen at the back has a few other offerings too.

When I visit, the air conditioning seems to be outclassed by the heat and humidity of the day. Food service is on the slow side.

Coffee is bulk ground, and there’s no decaf grinder in sight, but in spite of this it’s a milky, slightly sweet coffee with – unsurprisingly – not a lot of nuance. The bacon and egg roll, though, is really good: crisp bacon with runny eggs.

Eurofresh Cafe, Burwood

Eurofresh cafe, Burwood

Aroma coffee. 56 Railway Pde, Burwood. When you walk into this place, it seems like every other cafe that is built into the lobby of an office building. The seating, the Coke-fridge, all the little touches.

The coffee, though, is surprisingly good: if you find yourself walking from Strathfield to Burwood, stay on the south side of the railway line and try it out!

Biscotti bar, wynyard

Aroma coffee. 36 clarence st, sydney. Some natural light creeps in from between the skyscrapers in this part of the city. This place has a sense of style about it. The staff are a little cheeky with the customers, if that’s something that appeals.

Seating is in close quarters, with enough for 36 people crammed into quite a small store.

Coffee seems well made, a lone barista slaving away at all the orders: not ground to order, but there’s no break in the coffee making, so the grinds are at worst minutes old. Coffee is good: sweet, hot, lasts well if you were to grab a cup, then head back to nearby wynyard to catch a train.

As a writing venue, it has some potential, but is probably a little too cramped.

Moose espresso bar, newtown

Aroma coffee. Relaxing 1920’s music plays in the background, muting the sound of the traffic a little. The lighting is somewhat soft, ceiling fans create a gentle breeze, and the smell of bacon is in the air.

If anything, the place seems understaffed this morning: one loan staff member runs the whole place as I visit – not really enough for a place that seats so many people – probably 20 at a pinch!

Coffee is hot, strong and generally pleasant.