Trio’s harbourside café, Kirribilli

Belaroma coffee. Shop 4, 12 fitzroy st, kirribilli. On the east side of the harbour bridge, and indeed with water views from some tables, this indoor : outdoor café is fairly quiet on this friday afternoon. A solid range of menu offerings: breakfast, lunch, even some desserts.

The food takes a long time to come out.

(decaf latte) coffee is smooth, rich in flavour, with a first taste that is a little bitter, but rounds out well. A satisfying cup.

Café Parlo, Cronulla

Belaroma coffee. 22 Cronulla St, Cronulla. Bright, well lit seating inside and outside with a well-stocked bar. Staff buzz around, friendly but not outgoing. Water is only brought out on request, ditto the all-day breakfast menu if you arrive at lunchtime.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, and while the glass itself is too hot to pick up comfortably, the coffee is sweet at first, and just the right temperature for sipping. It’s a bit thin, with an unpleasant aftertaste, about on par with expectations for a place with a pricey food menu and full bar.

Coffee and Homewares, Robertson

Belaroma coffee. Overlooking the Big Potato, this place is first and foremost a homewares store, with a café back and sides. Sporting a range of chocolates and muffins, this is a place to shop, or to relax.

Soft music plays in the background, the staff are polite – our waiter wore a tie!

Coffee is served with a chocolate coated coffee bean, which is unfortunately the highlight of the experience. The coffee is drinkable temperature and a good texture, but the taste is a bit odd.

A good spot to relax, though.

Circle 8, Newtown

Belaroma coffee. 191 King St, Newtown; seating near the street, indoors, or in the courtyard out the back. Lots of staff, lots of menu choices, but notably missing the straight eggs-and-toast that you can add sides to.

Coffees come in a range of sizes. There’s a bit of a backlog, so my yard-coffee is a while in arriving. At 550ml, it’s probably too large to judge, but it seems a good temperature, and the flavour is inoffensive: pleasant enough to drink the whole thing.