Marlo Bar, Chippendale

Marlo Bar, Chippendale

Campos Coffee. 79 Regent St, Chippendale. This place is a re-invention of “The Angry Fix” – the wifi network still bears that name. Look inside, and a lot has changed. There’s less seating, but a larger kitchen area, and the menu has expanded accordingly.

Marlo Bar, Chippendale

A welcome addition is a decaf grinder, and their decaf is quite good. The highlight beverage for me, though, is the Nutella hot chocolate (you can see the giant jar of Nutella above the coffee machine) – it’s an excellent blend of flavours, and bodes well for future visits.


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Chinchilla Coffee House, Bankstown

Campos Coffee. 392 Chapel Rd, Bankstown. Spotted this place at random out the car window one day, and thought that a place selling Campos coffee in Bankstown had to be worth a look. As you can see from the photo, there’s lots of outdoor seating, but the inside is a comfortable place to sit too.

chinchilla coffee house, bankstown

The menu, the signage and some of the interior photos have a playful typography to them, and the kitchen out the back works busily the whole time we’re there, filling orders at a comfortable pace.chinchilla coffee house, bankstown

One offering they have is something I haven’t seen before: it’s called a Bombon – espresso coffee poured over condensed milk: you’re meant to stir it, and then drink it in one go. It’s a syrupy beverage, as sweet as you would expect, but an interesting way to consume coffee.

chinchilla coffee house, bankstown

They have a decaf grinder, and the decaf latte I had was very pleasant. Come for the coffee, stay for the food: try the beef bacon: thinly sliced strips of beef that are cooked up (as far as I can tell) to be a bacon colour,flavour and texture.

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Chinchilla also have Facebook specials for their fans.

Knight’s Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Campos Coffee. Shop 5, 827 George St, Ultimo 2007 [in the Devonshire tunnel]. I was excited to see this place being built as I was walking through the tunnel. There was a sense of wanting to get everything right before the grand opening.

 Here you see them almost ready to launch.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

After a week’s soft launch, the coffee menu board was in, and the crowds have already started to build. In general you’ll see people queueing for take-away: there’s not much seating inside, and being located in a thoroughfare means visitors aren’t planning to stay.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Owner Jake is ex-Toby’s Estate and has worked in the past for Campos. The coffee he’s putting out is of a really high standard – I keep encountering people in the Ultimo area with Campos cups, talking up the quality of this new cafe.

Knight's Coffee and Tea, Ultimo

Decaf is really solid: among the best Campos decaf I’ve had (even in Campos’ home base in Newtown there’s a sense that decaf is not something they’re happy to be making), and I’ve been back a number of times for a visit.

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Follow them on twitter –@knightscoffee

Astor Espresso, Glebe

Astor espresso, Glebe

Campos Coffee. 166 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

Open since Feb 5 2009, this place is next door to the grave of the Valhalla cinema of years gone by. Service is really great: George, the owner of the cafe, and his team are committed to making you feel welcome, to showing the kind of passion for the menu board that makes the food taste better when it arrives.

Even when we arrive at lunch time when the place is fairly full, and need seating for a baby (there are no high chairs here, so you need to bring your own high chair substitute) they are happy to seat us in any remaining seat: it’s our choice.

There’s a dedicated decaf grinder that is full-size; the coffee is ground to order and tastes great (yes, even the decaf).

And the food is really top-notch too. If you’re in this part of Glebe, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

Cafe Connection, Wynyard

Cafe Connection, Wynyard

Campos Coffee. 37 York St, Wynyard. From the street frontage you wouldn’t realise that there is quite a lot of seating in the back of this cafe. Prices seem a little high, though its proximity to Wynyard and the banking district has to be a factor here.

The coffee-making staff work in a separate bubble to the rest of the staff: when they’re finished, they present a decaf latte that is very hot, but pleasant tasting: the traditional well-made Campos cup.

Mano Espresso, Glebe

Mano Espresso, Glebe

Campos coffee. 73 St Johns Rd, Glebe. Relaxing jazz muic drifts across this converted patio: the Perspex roof gives a great deal of natural light, giving the illusion of even more space than the arrangement of tables would suggest. Surprisingly for a cafe in Glebe, it has an alcohol licence: beers are available for between $6.50 and $7.50.

The lunch menu is a little on the pricey side – you’re looking at $8-11 for lunch, instead of staying below the magic $10. There’s an all-day breakfast menu too, which is more moderately priced.

Coffee comes out after the food. It’s thin, and very hot, but the flavour is good. They’re doing a good job making decaf here.

Mon-Fri 7am-3pm
Sat 7:30am-4pm


Appetite Cafe, Redfern.

Appetite cafe, Redfern
Campos Coffee. 82 Regent St, Redfern. A really beautiful interior filled with furniture that clearly has a history, this is a place where you could certainly relax and enjoy the morning. A range of table sizes, even a large communal table with a big bunch of flowers in the centre. Prices are a little higher than I was expecting – a large takeaway decaf latte comes in at $4.10. Staff are really friendly and helpful.

Coffee was somewhat disappointing at first – there was a sense that the milk and coffee hadn’t combined quite correctly, and there was something of a thin texture to overcome. After a while, though, it settles down to being quite okay, though not the best Campos I’ve had. I would imagine that the caffeinated coffee is a better option.

Chai tea

Having noticed this Chai display, I’m curious to try their chai tea offering, too. Perhaps another time.

Lush Bucket Cafe, Ultimo

Lush Bucket Cafe, Ultimo

Campos Coffee. 623 Harris St, Ultimo. There are not too many places around Ultimo where Campos is on sale – the distinctive umbrellas and signage had called out to me a few times, but this was my first chance to try the place out.

Don’t be fooled by the street frontage: inside there is plenty of space to listen to the background music, be dazzled by the array of lunch options and sweets: there’s even a bench against the window so you can watch the traffic go past.

Coffee is competently made (though the decaf is pre-ground). My first coffee (a normal sized decaf latte) has some leftover grinds at the bottom of the glass, and the milk is a little too thick. A decaf piccolo latte, though, is just right; served in a half-full piccolo glass, it has great balance between the coffee and milk, and leaves me wanting another.


Charlotte Cafe, Birchgrove

Charlotte cafe, birchgrove

Campos Coffee. 127 Rowntree St, Birchgrove. Don’t be fooled by the car parked out the front: this is a charming little space inside, and a good spot for people watching. Order and pay at the counter your choice of options from the blackboard menu. On this visit, I try out the breakfast bruschetta: a sourdough topped with avocado, tomato and basil with a herb-infused olive oil that’s just magical.

Coffee is really good: I find out in talking to the owner that it’s actually the end of the week’s batch, but still the latte manages to have notes of coffee flavour through the milk.

There are high chairs towards the back of the seating area, and it seems a popular place for neighbourhood kids to gather on weekends. There’s also a dinner menu on Thursday and Friday nights. I’d never been to Birchgrove before (it’s a little north of Balmain) but I’ll be back to try this place again.