Charlie Lovett, Broadway

Charlie Lovett cafe, Haymarket

Charlie Lovett coffee (roasted on-site). George St, near Quay St. I’ve been waiting a while to let them iron out some of the opening-week jitters in their service. Overall, it’s a place that has a *lot* of staff working there, but it is selling a few different things: freshly baked bread, sandwiches and single pieces of bread with gourmet spreads, a range of deli-styled items, and freshly roasted coffee.

It’s pretty courageous to open a cafe next door to an established Gloria Jeans, but I imagine they consider their offering to be distinct from GJ’s, even if their store decor is a similar colour, and their approach to lighting is similar.

The experiment appears to be working: both places tend to be relatively crowded, even with their proximity to each other.

Decaf is good – it’s smooth and drinkable, with a hint of complexity. And yes, they have a decaf grinder.