The old man’s hat, Glebe

Toby’s estate coffee. 197 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. Something of a new player in the crowded glebe point road space, this cafe’s point of difference is the organic food. A range of menu items, seafood, pasta, as well as sandwiches.

The café itself feels like an upmarket loungeroom: soft piano music is piped in. The café is open 7:30am to 10pm, tuesday to sunday.

I’ve tried the decaf here: it’s well made, and kept in small quantities to ensure freshness: I look forward to trying the “real” coffee.

Update: This cafe has closed.

Succulent cafe, Newtown

Barista coffee. 534 King St, Newtown. Massive portions, a wide range of menu items. Staff are friendly – all goths, this visit. Water is brought out without having to request it. A good place for a quiet breakfast.

Coffee: unreviewed. The decaf was good, though: they know how to make a good latte. Free macaroon with coffee.

Update: they’ve closed, and rebranded.

Macro wholefoods café, Concord

Allpress organic coffee. Next to the organic food store is a café with the kind of gluten free menu you’d expect. Surprisingly, there are a couple of organic meat options – it’s not all vegetarian and vegan.

The soundscape is mostly the sound of coins hitting the till. The table numbers are attached to cute plastic moneyboxes, with money raised going to their charity of the month.

Coffee is hot, but smooth. At first, it’s pleasant enough, but later it settles a little heavy on the palate.

Update: closed down.

South, Newtown

Vittoria coffee. 232 King St is where to find this somewhat trendy, somewhat overpriced café in the heart of Newtown. Loud-ish hip hop grooves its way across the interior, mostly drowning out the noise of traffic. Somehow, on a fairly still day, there’s a breeze drifting through the café.

Out the back is seating for 15-20, bringing the total seating to an impressive 60 or so.

Staff are polite, and water is brought out immediately on arrival, although it’ a bit of a wait before the order is taken.

Coffee is a good temperature, is well made – not bitter – but still has that Vittoria flavour about it.

Update: Seems like this place has closed down.

Witham’s coffee, waverton

Witham’s coffee. The smell of burned toast combines with a warm, slightly dark ambience inside, and a range of well-to-do locals outside. Staff are friendly to customers and each other, and a range of somewhat pricey food choices (we are in waverton, after all) compliment a serious range of coffees: this is something of a headquarters for the roaster, after all!

Coffee is a bit on the thin side, but immediately drinkable temperature. First sip not too promising, but improves if you stay with it.

Grind – cronulla

This is one of my favourite cafes: amazing atmosphere; excellent coffee. Its tiny size means a small menu: just biscotti, hot and cold drinks, but it’s a great place to pass the time. As the t-shirt slogan says: i’d rather be at grind.

Update: they have their own blend of coffee from single origin.
Further update: There is another grind cafe on Surf Rd
Further update: This location has closed down.