cafe pinocchio, bardwell park

Pinocchio cafe, Bardwell Park

Di Lorenzo Coffee. 14 Hartill-Law Avenue, Bardwell Park. I’ve driven past this place a few times, and when I was due for a late lunch, I thought I’d call in. There’s a lot of Pinocchio-themed toys and artwork on the walls and around the coffee machine, and the menu is even inside a Pinocchio storybook. 

Cafe Pinocchio, Bardwell Park

 Tasty and generously portioned caesar salad ($12.50) and flat white ($3.50), with still water in an italian soda bottle (free). It’s a good quality, suburban cafe that makes an effort to make its customers welcome.

Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Deus Cafe, Camperdown

Di Lorenzo coffee. 98-102 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown. Quite a fancy (read, Eastern suburbs chic) place for a cafe that is an add-on to a custom motorcycle (and merchandise) store. Somehow, they manage to keep the smell of (mechanical) grease outside of the cafe – no mean feat in itself!

The interior has a feeling of space thanks to the high ceilings, and despite the TV in one corner playing The Dark Knight, it’s largely a space that facilitates conversation and taking the time to appreciate the high quality (with a price to match) food that’s on offer. The food service on this weekday lunchtime is fairly slow – expect a 15-20 minute wait for anything that isn’t pre-prepared from the window.

The coffee is far more reasonably priced, and prepared more swiftly. It’s the standard Di Lorenzo fare: pleasant enough, with a thick, foamy milk head, and is certainly a worthy accompaniment to the tasty food menu.

Sideways Deli Cafe, Dulwich Hill

Sideways deli cafe, dulwich hill

Di Lorenzo coffee. 37 Constitution Rd, Dulwich Hill. Located literally on a roundabout, this place has a busy "neighbourhood hub" feel to it. There are families, prams and babies, most age ranges are represented. The menu, though certainly not the cheapest in Sydney is great food, really generously portioned: it’s worth a visit just for the food.

The coffee is perfectly adequate: a complimentary “tiny teddy” biscuit comes out with each cup to provide a little extra character. It’s well made, a good temperature, but doesn’t stand out.

Overall, it’s the friendly and helpful staff, and the top-notch food that makes this place worth a visit.

Sideways Deli Cafe website

Strawberry x, Surry Hills

Di lorenzo coffee. Mary st, surry hills. Sit indoors or outdoors in

this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and enjoy the friendly

staff, and tasty menu. It’s not the cheapest place in the

neighbourhood, but the food is of that slightly higher calibre to

justify it.

Coffee is solid: it’s a safe choice, the kind that will deliver time

and again. Not destined for awards, but eminently drinkable.