Bar Piazza Waterside, Rhodes

Bar Piazza, Rhodes

Espresso di Manfredi Coffee. Shop K6, Rhodes Shopping Centre (1 Rider Boulevarde, Rhodes). You wouldn’t necessarily even spot this place out of the rest of the food court, but here you will find consistently good coffee: the best in the shopping centre at least. Staff are friendly and efficient, and you have the option of eat-in (take a tray to the adjacent food court seats) or takeaway.

Coffee is pre-ground, but there’s enough turnaround that it doesn’t have too much of a chance to get stale. There’s even a separate grinder for decaf.

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Lattecino deli express, Concord West

Lattecino deli express, concord west

Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 21a Victoria Ave, Concord West. Restaurant-level service is provided – better than you would expect in a cafe. As such, the prices are a little higher than you might hope: while you can get a takeaway wrap for $6, if you eat in, the price goes up to $8. The lunch specials vary between $16 and $22, but as they’re targeting the showy-lunch-for-office-worker demographic, this is still a reasonable price point.

Coffee is good: it’s well-made, sweet on first taste and then settles down to being a standard Manfredi.

If you’re visiting for the coffee – which is worthwhile in itself, you might like to try out the gelato that’s on offer: I was pushed for time, and so didn’t get a chance, but it looks excellent.

Open from 7am, except on Sundays (8am).

Espresso @ westpac, Wynyard

Espresso di manfredi coffee. Clarence st, sydney. In a giant atrium, dozens of westpac staff stop here to grab their morning caffeine hit. There’s some limited seating, awesome natural light, thanks to the floor to high-ceiling glass, and a general buzz of activity.

Coffee takes a while – the toast is ready first! When my order is called, it’s a ready to drink temperature with velvet milk, and uncomplicated flavour. A good find.

This would also be a good place to write: close to trains, light, fairly quiet. Worth a look.

Pino latte, Centrepoint arcade, Sydney

Espresso di manfredi coffee. This café is only a hole in the wall, but the scent of breakfast drifts all the way out to the street, which is how I stumble upon it. Four staff are at work on the morning rush: two kitchen, one barista, and one taking orders.

There’s a bit of seating to be had in the arcade itself, where a couple of businessmen are having a pre-work meeting. From the look of their shopfront, they also serve wraps and salads for lunch.

Coffees are churned out quickly, but they’re all pre-ground. Coffee is quite hot, and too thin; there’s a sense of staleness that comes through, but it’s still drinkable.

Espresso bar, Pavilion Plaza, Sydney Town Hall.

Espresso di manfredi coffee. More food court outlet than café, three staff work with ruthless efficiency. The coffees are churned out methodically, toast and coffee are ready at the same time.

One possible issue: there’s no seating.

Despite the pace, the coffee is very good: temperature and texture are spot-on, and the flavour is too. 8/10.

2 Park Espresso – Citigroup Building, Sydney

Espresso di manfredi coffee. 2 Park St, Sydney. Fast, efficient, and looking like they go through a lot of milk; there are comfortable armchairs for drinking coffee, and a small range of breakfast and lunch options.

Coffee is good; hot, yet drinkable, thick, but not too thick. A pleasant surprise, and well worth dropping by.

Café Esco Bar, Paddington

Espresso di Manfredi coffee. 388 Oxford St, Paddington. Long, galley-style café on oxford St: also a licensed bar and restaurant. Metal tables, somewhat dim lighting, and slow service.

Once someone has spotted me, things improve remarkably; coffee is brought out swiftly, a menu too.

Coffee is fine tasting, drinkable temperature, and a little thin, but still enjoyable.