fleetwood macchiato, erskineville

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Golden Cobra coffee. 43 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville. Don’t let this photo fool you – Erskineville Rd, when you’re not visiting on a quiet public holiday Monday, is a busy street. This cafe has a fairly intimate space at the front, with a much larger back room (you’ll find out if you head to the bathroom during a visit) where the longer-form cooking takes place.

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Beyond the clever name is an impressive array of food – generous servings, beautifully presented, and an emphasis on free-range products and what can be made on-site.

fleetwood macchiato, erskineville
Coffee is expertly prepared. In addition to the house espresso (and well-made decaf long-black), there are a range of other options – pour over, cold drip, and cold filter. It’s rare to find a place that takes as much care over both food and coffee, but this is one. Worth revisiting.

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at all and sundry, Woonona

At all and sundry, Woonona

Golden Cobra Coffee (including the Timothy Dalton decaf). 7/383-387 Princes Hwy, Woonona (down an alley, look for the yellow ramp). I had a conversation with someone I met at a party and found they were opening a cafe south of Sydney, north of Wollongong. A week after their grand opening, and I’m impressed enough to trek back and see what their normal Saturday trade looks like.

Princes Highway Signage - At all and sundry, Woonona

One of the challenges at first is to find the place – the street address indicates that you’re looking for a place on the Princes Highway, but you’re actually walking down a lane way in search of a large yellow ramp. Step inside (or sit outside on the garden benches) and you can sample a menu of delicious food, and some of the best coffee you’re likely to sample in the south of Sydney.

Where the magic happens - At all and sundry, Woonona

There’s a variety of methods of coffee preparation on offer here: the usual espresso variations, but also aeropress, pour-over and filter for those who are interested. For the non-coffee-drinking crowd, there are tea craft teas. Order a beverage, and you’ll be treated to a variety of cups and saucers from a simpler time.

Outdoor seating - At all and sundry, Woonona

This is counter-balanced with the modern, bright colours of the outdoor furniture, and the indoor seats that are, for want of a better word, reminiscent of old church hall furniture.

avocado on sourdough - At all and sundry, Woonona

Food is of an excellent calibre, well prepared – I’m looking forward to a trip back somewhere around a mealtime so I can sample something more substantial than avocado with olive oil on sourdough toast ($6).

Decaf Piccolo latte - At all and sundry, Woonona

Coffee is really the best news of the place. The best decaf coffee I’ve had in a long time, and delivered consistently. Ask Josh – the man behind the counter – and you’ll receive an education on the nuances of coffee selection: worth the price of the coffee in itself.

Highly recommended.

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runcible spoon, camperdown

Golden Cobra Coffee. 27 Barr St, Camperdown. Hiding around the corner from Deus Ex Machina is this fun place with a straightforward menu and seating for about 30 between indoor and outdoor. It’s order and pay at the counter, and there’s eftpos.

runcible spoon, camperdown

We arrive too late in the day to see the full menu offering in the cake window, but there are still plenty of tasty choices. There’s a good all-day breakfast menu with a range of eggs-and-bacon options. For more menu coverage, see this review, which is how I heard of the cafe in the first place.

where the magic happens, runcible spoon, camperdown

Coffee (a decaf latte) looks fantastic – great milk work and good flavour to start with. The finish is a little disappointing, but in general it’s a solid cup.

decaf latte, runcible spoon, camperdown

If you’re looking for a cheery place to have a meal in an underexplored part of Sydney that’s not too far from Newtown or Glebe it’s worth a look.

website: http://www.runciblespoon.com.au/

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temple, cronulla

temple, cronulla

Golden Cobra Coffee. 6a/2-6 Cronulla Street, Cronulla. Just up the hill from the grave of the original Grind cafe (now a convenience store) is this place. I’ve often walked past, wondering what the coffee is like, but with a toddler in tow, it never seemed like the right moment.

cups and saucers just for kids - temple, cronulla

Imagine my surprise, when I finally walk in, to find it full of families with toddlers. Sure, “full” is a relative term: there are only 3 or 4 families that will fit with the small number of tables and chairs, but kids are well supplied. A range of tiny cups and saucers sits on a shelf at the back of the cafe, and the kids are drinking their babycinos out of them.

where the magic happens - temple, cronulla

The milkwork is really solid, and I wish I could talk about the coffee, but after I order my decaf latte, they remember that they’re not selling decaf anymore. A shame – this place looks so promising. Perhaps someone else would like to weigh in on the caffeinated coffee in the comments?

The hot chocolate (what I end up drinking) is good.

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The Falconer, Surry Hills

The Falconer, Surry Hills

Golden Cobra coffee (Timothy Dalton blend decaf). 31 Oxford St, Surry Hills. How many times have I walked past here and not noticed it?!

interior of the falconer (1/2)
Walk in past the licenced bar and coffee machine and your seating choice is green vinyl clad booths – if you prefer, there are a couple of ordinary tables at the front of the cafe.

interior of the falconer (2/2)
There’s a big collection of vinyl records on display, and an old record player is playing the kind of tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in the film "High Fidelity".

Coffee is promptly made, and – though there’s no decaf grinder in sight – the beans appear to be ground on site at some stage. It’s a fresh tasting, smooth cup with a complex aftertaste: straw and caramel.

beef burger and fries, the falconer
The meals are really well made too: from the specials board was this burger with fries ($15).

A really relaxed place to spend time. Highly recommended. Unsurprised to find that this cafe is the work of (former “Well Connected” owner Jack Sheen).