digi.kaf, Glebe

digi.kaf, glebe

La casa del caffe coffee. 174 St Johns Rd, Glebe. Long established – this place was around when I lived in Glebe in the late 1990s – the physical space has a sense of age and comfort without feeling run-down or tired. A row of modern-looking Internet terminals line one wall of the back room, bench tables run across another wall, and couches and tables make up the rest of the seating.

Prices are quite high – above $15 for several of the breakfast choices, with the smaller lunch menu mostly in the $10-$15 spot.

Coffee – I hear a grinder working away after I’ve ordered is good: a comforting, milky cup with subtle coffee flavour.

Website: digikaf.com.au

Tamarama Café, Tamarama

La casa del café coffee. Near Pacific Ave, Tamarama. About as close to the sand as you can get without placing the tables on the beach, this outdoor only café has a choice of shaded and non-shaded tables. Families, kids, even dogs wander past enjoying the summer weather: the café doesn’t usually open on rainy days.

The café itself has more of a converted kiosk feel; small range of menu options, no grease trap means no eggs. Ambient music is pumped out, drowning out – for the most part – the sound of the coffee grinder.

Coffee is served quite quickly, given the signs near the counter that urge patience. Coffee is hot, the milk thick, and the flavour inoffensive.

Update: (18-May-09) Website

Balmoral Sand Bar, Balmoral Beach

La Casa del Caffe coffee. 11a The Esplanade,Balmoral Beach. Concrete floor, furnishings that suit its beach-side location. Friendly staff, once they take your order, which can be a while. Customers are mostly locals grabbing breakfast and some sun before work starts for the day.
Coffee is pre-ground, sitting in the hopper for at least five minutes depending on how busy the place is. Good temperature, a bit thin, but tastes good enough – better than I’d feared.

Toofab café, cronulla

La casa del café coffee. The first of the cafes in my book of cafes that has changed hands since the book was published, this place seems to have a breakfast and lunch focus.

Staff are constantly chatting to each other, while some kids run around the ample outdoor seating that surrounds a more cramped interior.

Coffee is a little hot, but otherwise pleasant at first taste. On further sampling, it’s a good afternoon coffee: granted, it’s no ‘grind’, but seems a place where you can stretch out, bask in the sun for part of the day, at least, and observe the locals.

Update: closed down.