Diva coffee and tea house, mirage / Gold Coast

Diva coffee and tea house, mirage / gold coast
Merlo coffee. Marina Mirage – Shop 6, Seaworld Dr, Main Beach – Gold Coast (Queensland).

As mentioned in a comment on a previous post, this cafe has been thoroughly refurbished since my last visit. There’s more seating, the entryway is more accommodating, and the food has been given even greater pride of place: there are some truly amazing-looking, mouth-watering treats on display here.

cake window at Divafood offerings at Diva

I probably don’t need to tell you, based on where this cafe is, that the prices are on the high side: add in extra charges for the decaf, and for a large cup, and you are dangerously near $20 for three large decaf coffees and a decaf espresso.

beans display at Divadiva - external seating

My decaf espresso is still on the thin side of the thin to syrupy continuum, but flavour-wise, it’s much improved. Not acidic, just a mellow, pleasant flavour. There’s still no decaf grinder to be seen, but at least the decaf beans are given a look-in in the display of beans for sale.

The decaf latte on the other hand is really pleasant. It’s the luck of the draw as to the aftertaste: I bought two, and they tasted quite different. Mine, though, was really good: a slight sweetness, and a good balance between milk and coffee flavours.

Overall, this place is greatly improved: as we were leaving, we heard a radio ad for the cafe on our car’s radio – they’re clearly putting the effort into promoting themselves, though I’m still unable to find a web presence. Thanks for encouraging me to revisit!

Diva coffee and tea house, mirage / gold coast

Merlo coffee. Quite a formal looking place inside, with some undercover outdoor seating that’s a bit more relaxed. Freshly made juice here that’s excellent, an amazing range of chocolates, cakes and pastries.

The decaf espresso was a bit of a disaster: flat, bitter, watery: hard to drink. Stick with the caffeine, and a milky coffee to make the best of this place.

Size matters, Wynyard

Merlo coffee. Corner of kent st and erskine st. Their claim to fame is a unique approach to sandwiches: you can buy them in different sizes, which works well for them at lunchtime, I’m told. A visit at breakfast sees a more mainstream style menu.

Coffee is, sadly, not so good. The decaf improves slightly as you continue to force it down, but there’s nothing to encourage you along the way.

Chocolate Dog café, Newtown

Merlo espresso coffee. 549 King St, Newtown. The name of this King St staple has long intrigued me, and today I manage to find some parking nearby, and try the place out. It has a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, and even mid-afternoon it hosts a few apparently regular customers.

Coffee comes out in an opaque latte glass; the glass itself has seen better days, but the coffee is what you’d expect; perhaps a little over-frothed, but easily drinkable: similar to Grinders coffee but even less bitterness.